Thursday, May 14, 2009

Music on the mind, music on the body

There are times like this morning where, iPodless on the bus, listening to the foreigners chattering loudly, the texter in the seat opposite who has the button tones switched on loudly so every key reverberates around the bus, the skanger berating her fella over the phone and then ringing her ma to tell her what happened and then ringing him back and then... well, you get the idea ... that I really miss music.

I need it like a drug. To dissolve into, escape the world with and to switch the brain off with. The louder the better sometimes. The more noise it blocks out, the more focussed I can be on what I need to do.

These days I'm lucky enough to be going back to live music events more and more. There's something about that raw energy from committed musicians that brings the vitality of the melody alive, makes it that much more real. I've always, ironically, preferred live albums for that same reason.

If I could get music beamed directly into my brain, I would. I may not go as far as this video shows, but would relish the experience.

Earphones firmly in the ears today. Music is on loud.


  1. darragh, You think it's good listening to live music? Try playing it! There's nothing like the feeling of being stuck in the middle of it all! You should come to Dundalk some Friday or Saturday night for the Irish traditional music session up there. YOu'll not find energy like it anywhere else. IMHO.

    In relation to the iPod blotting out the world, I cant agree more! I'm always on public transport and just could not handle it if I had to listen to everything around me. In saying that, I have been caught listening to the conversations of others from time to time. They can be very amusing!

  2. Noise, the new silence?

    Two of my kids have autism and they're extremely sensitive to sounds and noise... but they're SOOOO loud themselves. I asked the OT about that because it didn't make sense to me, and she explained that by making noise, they're blocking out the noises around them they don't like. Interesting. Works like ipods?

    I posted recently about how we're bombarded with noise everywhere we go; it wears me down and I find myself staying home more and more, very glad to be living in remote countryside where I can escape it all. (except for the kids, obviously... thank heavens for school!)

  3. or while sat on a bus like that Darragh its also about distancing you from the general populous who if you focus on and analyse will drive you to distraction with their idiosyncrasies.

    or maybe thats me.

  4. Great video and as for the music beamed directly into the brain, we're not that far off surely.

    My MP3 has been borked for a few weeks now and while I get the odd hot flush hankering on the train or walking to listen to something the up-side has been I've been reading much more so im inno hurry to replace it.

  5. I'm so glad it turned out that he was just playing his feet, wasn't sure what he was at before that shot :)