Sunday, May 24, 2009

Interviewed by Cian and Liz from

Cian and Liz have had me on the brilliant podcast that is View From the Quad - a podcast about technology, sci-fi and life. I think I fall into the latter category, though listening to it, I'm not sure where it sits.

The 30 minute interview is about the skydive, about, about twitter, about Star Trek, downloading files in 1997, bloggers, newspapers vs blogs and twitter, about Irish politics and politicians online, about Schwarzenegger, about the 4DayMovie project, about English muggings, about being from Kilkenny, about a manga messiah, Wallace and Gromit, Neil Gaiman, bad jokes and loads of stuff. We talked lots.

You can hear the podcast over on View from the Quad.

There's a lot of me rambling, a lot of me sucking air through my teeth (sorry!), of Cian and Liz waiting politely for me to stop talking (bless you) and random chatter. We recorded it in a city centre studio on Friday afternoon after a long day of work so excuse the waffle. It was a great chat though, so thanks to them both for the plug :)


  1. HeyDarragh! Cool interview. You sound like someone I know, but I can't think who. Anyway its good to put a voice to the posts. You sound like you have sooo much energy!
    I only started listening to view from the quad podcasts recently. I like the idea of audio posts but I'm too shy and too lazy to learn how to podcast properly!

    I want to blog about your parachute jump, but I need to walk the dogs and clean the house before my ma gets home first.

  2. Thanks for being on the show! It was awesome to have you, and dammit, we are going to tie you to a chair if we must to get you back on!