Friday, May 08, 2009

Barbecue, Odessa Club, Dublin 2, Monday 11 May

What are you doing after work on Monday? Fancy coming to an evening barbecue in the Odessa Club, Dublin 2?

Jane Russell from Jane Russell’s Original Irish Handmade Sausages is kicking off the summer in style with a bit of food, chat, drink and of course some sausage samples from 7.30pm in the roof garden of the Odessa Club.

She'd like to invite bloggers, online people and anyone who'd like to come along and have a bite to eat. She's one of many companies engaging in social media at the moment to get the company name out there and would love to get the chance to talk to you - and for you to try her food!

The company, going since 1994, uses only prime cuts for their sausages. According to the website:

Being the 5th generation of a prize-winning pork & bacon curing family Jane trawled through her grand-father’s diary of recipes to create her Original Irish sausage.

Forays to French markets allowed Jane to develop her Toulouse sausages while memories of sausages eaten in London inspired the magnificent Beef and Guinness sausages.

It is this ability to create new and traditional flavours that sets Jane Russell’s sausages apart and assures her that her products will always be in demand.

Why am I involved? Well, a friend of a friend asked me to invite people so here I am, inviting you. Apparently Jane's "straight sausages" (the company name) are sausages you can trust. Something to do on a Monday night?

That's the Odessa Club, 7.30 pm, Monday 11 May. See you there?


  1. Sounds good, I could partake of the beer anyway. Are veggies invited too?


  2. One word: YUM.
    Plus a smiley face - :)

  3. I'm there! that was the scene of my stag a few weeks ago... awesome night.

  4. I hope you are bringing a doggy bag for me! I am starving and I fancy a sausage right now!

  5. Ahh.

    Traditional PR. And traditional ligging.

    Welcome to butter-me-up-land, guys!


  6. Neil O'Gorman8 May 2009 at 17:10

    Nice idea, that. Get the weather forecast?

  7. @orlaith - Most welcome indeed. It's really a social event to get everyone together...

    @Nathalie - smiley faces appreciated!

    @Stewart - coolaboola!

    @Grannymar - ah sure come on down. You know you want to ;)

    @Adrian - indeedy. But sure if it gets people talking about things and the brand and anything pig related other than swine flu, that's gotta be a good thing, right?

    @Neil - God only knows. Hope it's not as bad as last night. It's covered anyhow, so it won't be too bad, hopefully :)

  8. Great stuff, count me in mate

  9. Would love to be in Dublin on Mon evening. Take some piccies, won't you, and I can salivate from the other side of the country!

  10. I think I shall be there +1. Looking forward to meeting some folk.

  11. Her sausages are the best. Yummy :) Enjoy!