Friday, March 20, 2009

Get your house into the history books of Trinity College

At least.. that's what I think this means...

poster spotted in Trinity College Dublin featuring a picture of a house with The Ultimate House Party written on it and underneath is written Ents is loking to hold the largest house party that this college has ever see, With your help we can make this happen. If you have a free house and want to go down in Trinity History contact Nick Longworth at

So if you'd like to help the Ents hold the largest house party that Trinity has ever seen, maybe get in touch with Nick? I'm sure they'd only be drinking tea and the like and would do the washing up afterwards... wouldn't they?


  1. In a turn up for the books, the Ents Officer of the SU makes work, some way or another, for the Welfare Officer.

    /wishes to be a fly on the wall of the res committee appeals meeting when 767 licence to resides are being ripped up.

  2. I can't imagining there'll be many takers to host this! Could be wrong!