Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Photos from the Dublin St Patrick's Day Parade 2009

(EDIT: I've changed this post from the original to lose some stuff)

I have finally uploaded many of my photos from yesterday to and have included some below. I spent much of the day tweeting and twitpiccing the parade while on the route interacting with people, answering queries and helping if and where I could. I had the camera with me and swapped between N95 and camera as necessary.

I really need to thank three people in particular who were working on the Festival team and really helped me so much.

  • Catherine Egan with the Press Office was fantastic and obliging and really gets why online is so important in the promotion of an event.

  • Denise Rushe was an eternal font of knowledge, good humour and support and made my involvement this year that much easier

  • Kathy Kinsella is *the* volunteer coordinator in Ireland and it's been a pleasure to work with her again. Super organised and efficient, she understood what I was trying to do and let me get on with it. Super stuff indeed.
The other people to thank are Marcus, Niamh, Will, Grannymar, Elly and Phil who all made the day that bit better and more fun. Also all the performers who posed for photos and put on such a great show!

Anyway - I tried hard to cut this down to only a few photos - you'll see the rest here - so hope you enjoy:

With parade Grand Marshalls Cathriona Foley, Cork Camogie Captain, Henry Shefflin of Kilkenny and Angela Walsh, Cork Football Captain

I'll have more to come. In the meantime check out FionnTime's AMAZING bird's eye pics over O' Connell Bridge - they're quite something!


  1. Your twitpiccing made my st paddy's day paradewise! Didnt even turn the telly on!

    Great job!

  2. I'm not really into Paddy's Day but this looks like it was pretty awesome! Well done dude.

  3. Did you get any pictures of the Edgewood Marching Mustangs?