Friday, January 30, 2009

Watch the official new U2 video for Get On Your Boots here

UPDATE: I've been allowed to upload it to You Tube. So here it is, even before the Irish Independent's so called "exclusive"!

According to the guy who posted it on Facebook today, Jaime Andres Rodriguez:

Alexandre Courtez directs this visual explosion of a video that twists and turns with color, energy and abstract themes.

The first official video out of No Line On The Horizon, due in stores March 2, 2009.

Thanks a million Donna - you're a star!


  1. ach, i just know a pile of U2 fruitcakes who are always one step ahead of the official anything :)

  2. The songs still awful(it's lack of radio play in comparasion to Vertigo makes me think a lot of others must agree), but the video is odd enough to make me hope for a Zoo TV tour.

  3. nice! YOu don't mind if I post it @ PLAYLIFEMANIA.COM linking to your site of course


  4. It's up on now!