Saturday, January 17, 2009

Single male blogger would like to meet the following:

Rick has started a meme.

Name 5 bloggers you haven’t met in the flesh before that you’d like to say hi to at the Blog Awards, say why if you want, link to them. They then, in turn, link to 5 bloggers they’d like to meet and so on.

That’s it. It’s just an icebreaker for the night. Yes, I know they might not be coming but it might act as an incentive.
Damn it Rick, only five? Really?

Well. I know already that Fústar won't be making it, so that's one down. However, there are some people who I want to buy me a pint say hello to, in no particular order:
  1. Lette (she's already promised me a hug)
  2. Gray Wright of Sinful Origami Paper
  3. B'dum B'dum
  4. Elf in Amsterdam
  5. Jennifer (and OJ) from Paws for thought.
To add to the meme, I'd love to have a pint with Off the Meatrack, Narocroc, XBox4NappyRash, Pedro Monscooch and AJ of Le Craic fame.

But it's worrying. That's only 30% females. Hmmm. Which means I've either met a LOT of the female bloggers I read or that I just don't read enough and I'm not sure which it is.

Who would you like to meet?


  1. Cool! I doubt i'll be there but i'm sure we'll meet sometime and i'll buy you two pints to make up for it!
    OJ is better at spilling pints and knocking them over than he is at buying them.
    I'll have to read a few more blogs properly before I pick 5 but you and Rick are in there.

  2. Does this single male blogger come with GSOH ;)

    I'll have my list ready for Tuesday.

    ps I don't want to meet you, I WANT A GREAT BIG HUG!

  3. If it's any consolation, I occasionally wear pink.

    I'd be half afraid to meet the folk behind the blogs, the mystique and all that...!

  4. I don't know if I'll be there Darragh, the fear of the bright spotlight and all, but I feel honoured to make your list and would be delighted to meet you. Either that or, because you are so busy and chatty from what I hear, we're the only 5 bloggers in Ireland you've never met!

    Either way, thank you.

  5. cheers darragh. one day, you may gaze into my eyes over a pint of harp. one day.

    no plans to attend the blog awards though.

    i only like to leave the pale once every 5 years.

  6. thanks man, not doing one of these lists unless i get five people saying me though... then I'll just name them

  7. He's met you, Maxi, hasn't he? He's moved on...

    Of course you, B!

  8. That thieving gypsy.

  9. You've met *all* the female bloggers Darragh. We know your reputation...


  10. Cheers Darragh but unfortunately I won't be hitting the awards this time round. However I'm sure our paths will cross at some pint!

  11. u seem intelligent..why r u still single?

  12. Laid back but it seems shy with women..Take the step be bold and just be yourself..confidence will come and you can and will suceed ...Enjoy