Monday, January 19, 2009

The reply from RTE 2FM about Rick and Nikki's shows.

Dear Darragh,

Thank you for your e-mail.

Your comments in relation to the changed format of the Nikki Hayes and Rick O'Shea shows will be included in our Audience Log of calls and e-mails, which is circulated for information to senior management in RTÉ Radio and is reviewed at the weekly meeting of the Editorial Board.

Your e-mail is also being brought to the attention of the Head of RTÉ 2fm.

We appreciate you taking the time to make your views known to us, thanks again for writing.

With best regards
Nina Ward
RTÉ Information Officer

I took two minutes today to send an email today to to voice my disappointment at the new format of Nikki Hayes and Rick O Shea's radio shows, which now have little to no engagement, interaction and/or connection for me. What were once shows are now formulas. Where as before I'd make every effort to tune in, now I'm not that bothered. I've got my iPod for my music.

What galls me most about it is that the management haven't really come back and said why they're doing this, what audience thought it was a good idea, what benefit they think it will have to the station or the listeners or how, because of this decision, other services will improve. Why not? Because they probably didn't do that. As Grandad says, they probably crunched numbers and made two plus two equal minus three.

A lot of people have joined the Facebook group to register their disappointment. You'll find all the information there.


  1. You are to be commended for taking the time to write in and make your feelings known; it's all too easy to sit back, grumble and do nowt about a situation.

  2. Sorry - this is Emma again. Still getting used to this.

  3. This cause seems to be gathering momentum. Bravo.

  4. i too sent an email and got the same response last week. i listened for a week, then hit 'reply' on that email and told them that after a week of trying out the new 'format' i couldnt take the pop music with no intelligent insight and conversation inbetween and was no longer listening. i actually got another, more personal response back. You might want to hit 'reply in a few days too and tell them again. its worth the 2 minutes i think

  5. Same response here.