Monday, January 05, 2009

Rag Order. (How long will it take you?)

I have wanted to publish Damien O'Donnell's submission to the 4daymovie project practically since I first saw it last June.

Watching the audience reaction was wonderful, seeing the dawning of comprehension on people's faces as they 'got' what they were seeing. It's an intelligent and innovative way to capture a song and I doubt it will be the last time we see that method used.

Update: Once you recognise the song, how many places in Dublin can you recognise in the shots? Thanks for the suggestion Niamh!



  1. I loved this part of the movie alright, and love even more than the idea, the fact that I can pick out where they filmed a lot of the signs as I'm sure lots of Dubliners can.
    Great ides behind it and they did it in such a short space of time - 24 hours!

  2. I should be ashamed of myself.
    First time I saw that I missed the plot.

    Thanks Darragh for awakening this ex-Dub!

  3. Loved this when I saw it originally. Really great short film and a classic tune.

  4. I just played the song while watching the video - lovely.

  5. i watched the video without sound.. and it was pretty cool! i absolutely loved 'LEdge' :)

  6. That's brilliant. I'm sure the idea will spread.