Friday, December 05, 2008

Liveblogging TV3's Apprentice Finale on Monday night

I am seriously loving Le Cirk at the moment. A new(ish) bar and hotel on Dame Street, Dublin 2, Laura, Philip and all the staff there have been extremely welcoming and accommodating to bloggers over the last while, and of course is the venue for the bloggers Christmas dinner on December 16.

It's pretty much become my local (and I live in Blanchardstown!) and my office - a great venue for meetings.

In this vein, we've arranged a dedicated seating area for the live blogging of the final episode of TV3's The Apprentice. Darren has full details of when and where, but we'll have free wifi, a big TV, pints and laughter in Le Cirk on Monday night, so come along if you're free. Everyone is welcome - the more the merrier. See you there!


  1. AAwwww pity it's in Dublin...

  2. Should be interesting...! I can't wait to see who wins. My money is on Brenda!

  3. Apparently it's an extended 2 hours episode so sip steadily :D

  4. I made a Facebook event for this, so people can invite whoever they think might be interested.

  5. That woman looks like a melted ice-cream.

  6. hey darragh

    i addeed some photos to my blog & tks for letting me know about the meetup

    see you thurs