Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Links to all the Blogmas Carol stories

I wasn't very on the ball with this one I'm afraid, but the ever wonderful genius that is Mr Maxi Cane devised a fiendish festive exercise for us this year, which was to become the stories behind "A Blogmas Carol".

You can read the introduction here and then all of them in order from here:

1. Thriftcriminal -

2. Rick O' Shea -

3. Whoopsadaisy -

4. Maxi -

5. Will Knott -

6. Darren -

7. Raptureponies -

8. Chris P Pancake -

9. Mise mé féin -

10. K8 the Gr8 -

11. Lottie -

12. Grandad -

13. Someone Living -

14. Jo -

I've got about four to go, enjoying them all. Memories of roller skates, books, bikes, lego, trains, teddies and all in my head now. Looking even more forward to going home!

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