Friday, November 28, 2008

A review of the Late Late Toy Show 2008


That's about it really. Nothing majorly memorable, though I thought the choir from St Mary's School for Deaf Girls (website here) was interesting.

Nothing traditional or what you'd be alright seeing - no Billy Barry kids, no Zig and Zag, Podge and Rodge, Dustin or Soky, no June Rodgers or anything related to Irish acts or performances on over Christmas.

No focus on Irish toymakers or manufacturers. No memorable appearances from major celebrities or personalities apart from Top Gear presenters Jeremy, Richard and James. Nicky Byrne dropped in with the twins. Sarah Ferguson popped in for a minute or two basically to say she was in Eason's of O' Connell Street tomorrow at 12 noon. McFly put in a mediocre performance. There was a video plug from Ben Stiller and Chris Rock for Madagascar 2. Nothing worthwhile, nothing unique.

As David pointed out, only two Irish authors mentioned in the book reviews, they cut to ad break during Kilkenny's St Canice's Jazz band performance - who had arranged a special medley for the show and no doubt practised loads and Pat referred to the whole I don't want the tickets incident of last week so much that it became tedious.

As Suzy said, the camera work during the dance-fusion exercise by the Hood Rats was appalling. Some of the young presenters - Gabriella, the book reviewer, Robert the milkshake maker and Mark Boylan from Offaly were excellent, but overall it was stilted, over rehearsed and wooden.

More and more it's just one long advertisement with little personality, humour or soul. There were few aww moments, no opportunities for children to shine, no inspiring or emotional moments.

Fine, The Late Late Toy show, Irish tradition that it is, has never been brilliant, but surely to God it could be better? In fact, the only thing that made it any way interesting were the conversations on Twitter and the live blog, something Anton seems to have agreed with.

Is The Late Late Toy Show only on because it's a tradition, not that there's a need for it?

Did you see it? If so, what did you think? And if not, did you purposely not watch it?


  1. No TV so didn't see it. Twitter word pics were good and I followed your live blogging for only a short while (had four conversations going at one time on my puter! Thankfully the phone didn't start chiming.)

    Perhaps with the recession et al, it is time to give children 'the cardboard box' once again and let them use their imagination!

  2. i never liked it even when i was a kid, and i was a toy nut. I always just felt embarrassed for everyone on it.

    The only bit i used to like was where Gaybo would ask the kid for a score for the toy, and if the wee fella said "3 out of 5" Gaybo would ask him to explain why he deducted those two points. Cue child who just arbritraily pulled a number out of his head scrambling to explain his choices. lol.

    but yeah, i have no interest in it.

  3. Grannymar: Some of the toys on show, however briefly, weren't even worth a cardboard box. I got the distinct impression it wasn't so much toys they liked, but toys they were paid to show.

    offthemeatrack: It *is* cringeworthy but the scoring that Gaybo did allowed the child to have some personality. I watched it last night really to do a live slagging of it, and there was plenty of opportunity!

  4. Have never been able to watch this show, even when Gaybo was presenting but by the sound of things it's declined into shambles. I find RTE production painful to watch.

    I'm quite annoyed that means MY kids have shit taste in telly, like the millions of Irish people who were raised on and continue to accept the mediocre standard of programming and direction.
    Kids were well psyched-up for it and were open-mouthed, making lists when I left the house...

  5. HOW do you remember the names of the kids?!

    My bezzie reviewed the Puzz 3D Jigsaw of Ben Ben when she was a lil munchkin.

  6. The toy show is meant for children. Lets give our "expert" opinions on the internet, hope they stop making it and ruin the build up to christmas for about 7000000 people who do watch it, and then get on with their lives without moaning about it. Because bloggers made such a big deal about the russel brand/andrew sachs thing we've got no Jonathan ross on a friday night. Soon all we'll have to do is go onto the internet and read other peoples stupid opinions. Frankly, you make me sick.

  7. the toy show - ppl giv out bout it but if it wasn't there ppl would complain!! U've got to love the way Pat's eyes light up when he sees the toys adn the back cheekhe gets from the kids ;-)