Thursday, November 20, 2008

Liveblogging the Golden Spiders, though not there

Update 2:

Thanks to John Breslin, here's the full list of winners, (before of course they're on the Golden Spiders website). Congrats on the win for, John!
Also a big congratulations for the well deserved best recruitment site goes to Gary and the team at Prosperity Recruitment. They're the best I've used both as candidate and client and deserve the recognition.

Post update

It was a spur-of-the-moment experiment - could I live blog an event I wasn't at, based soley on the tweets from those I follow who were at it? Answer this time is no, unfortunately.

It's 00:24 and it doesn't seem there's anyone tweeting from the Burlington. Hopefully they're too busy enjoying themselves.

The 2008 Golden Spider Award winners (that I know of) are as follows:

  • Best indigenous website -*
  • Best Digital Media Website -
  • Best Blog -
  • Best Education, Research & Training website -
  • Best Web design & development agency - Webfactory
  • Best Retail & Home Shopping Website -
  • Best e-government Website -
  • Best Social Networking & Community Website – People's Choice -
  • Internet Hero - Aodhan Cullen, chief executive of web analysis firm Statcounter. Cullen, 25, started the company when he was 16. Great interview here.
  • Grand Prix Award - **
(* may have won for best indigenous website either - I'm awaiting confirmation. ** Big thanks to @achgohairithe for letting me know that one.)

It's a real pity the Golden Spiders didn't have a dedicated twitter feed for the Awards, or someone there tweeting the results, especially given their hefty attendance fee of single seats costing €300 each while a table of 10 cost €2900, plus black tie dress code.

With the amount of liveblogging and livecasting technology available, you'd have assumed they'd have tried something. Even setting their website to update at midnight would have been a help.

However, we can wait until the morning when the results are out I guess. No harm done. Big opportunity may have been missed though.

Congrats to Vincent from on a well deserved award and of course to Damien too!


God bless Twitter for such occasions.


  1. Great idea for those not there, well done

  2. thanks for the results Darragh Well done to Damien

  3. Thanks for the live result updates - much more difficult when you're not there!

  4. @Niall - thanks!

    @Mike - you're welcome :)

    @Janine - indeed but it was fun trying.

  5. Nice one Daragh! I'm sure the organisers will have a press release out later this morning when the hangovers wear off. In the meantime, thanks to you and your Twitter sources I've got news of it in time for my breakfast radio show! ;)

  6. Who uses Twitter? Is that an Irish site?

  7. €300 Darragh?!!?!?!?!?!?!

    Holy fup!

    You're kidding, right?

    I though the PPI National Radio Awards were extortionate at €150 each.

    People do know there's an R word lurking, right?

  8. Mary writing from Implementek - we built the ebusiness winner site.
    And you forgot to mention it! I know we put hours of work into getting this site perfect and ticking of every box on the judges list. And the company who engaged it are great - a Gaeltacht company who really run a good business selling irish books online. I flew from Serbia where our company was based as I wanted to see what it was all like. Would love to get comments on our site. Working between Serbian and Irish was a challenge. Also we built it start to finish in three weeks, including importing all of their old book entries of thousands. Our price was a tenth of what they had been quoted. Am probably prejudiced as we won, but I think we deserved to. And by the way - I do think the seats were way overpriced. Add in an airfare and it gets ridiculous. BUT please tell me what you think of - would love to know - all feedback really welcome.

    Will we try again next year? Yes. Am looking for adventurous Irish companies who want to partner.