Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Tune - the least sexy version ever

There are certain covers and remixes of songs that improve on the original. This is most definitely not one of them - it is rather funny though. "Enjoy"(?) Max Raabe's version of Sex Bomb performed with Das Palast orchestra.

(You'll need to let it (down)load)

Big thanks to Elly and George for an amazing meal on Sunday, but also introducing me to the La Musique de Paris Derniere collections. A very eclectic mix of covers and interpretations from different artists. I've had it on play since Sunday.

What do you reckon? Woeful or hysterical?


  1. Erm....interesting is the word I would use !

  2. @whoopsadaisy - you're being kind I guess. Imagine trying to have a dance to that. (Though I have)

    @Lottie - glad one of us did. You should definitely check the albums out. Some very interesting covers.