Friday, September 19, 2008

A to Z of Soundcheck last night

A for the ape

B for the beer

C is for cocktails, not very dear

D is for DJ's

E is for ear

F for the frillies

which on Darren looked queer

G for the grooving

H for hanky-panky

I for inhalation making Darren look manky

J for the jamming

K for the knickers

L is for Lottie

and all of the liquors

M for the movin'

and for Mulley

and me

N just for Niamho (new hairstyle, you see)

Oh for Oh dear god, what's going on in the dark

P and Q for Peter and Marie, the strange Quark

R for the Rickmeister

S for the Streets

T for the technology bringing us the beats

U for unique (and crazeee) Unarocks

V for vampirism

W for Darren's Dr Who socks

X for x-rated

Y for the yelling

and Z for the Zzzzzz

and that's all I'm telling!

Legend night. Most of the links to what people have been saying are included above. Big shout out to the lovely Alexia for organising, and to Maxi, Sinéad and Mar whom it was a pleasure to meet for the first time, not to mention seeing Redmum and Suzy who joined us for a pint and of course the lovely Deb with our knickers supplier...

Let's do that again!


  1. Blog post of the month!!!

    Even if I do come out of it looking like some bizarre sex fiend...

  2. Darragh this is great!

    Your name is now cemented in my brain!

    It was fun and yep,we should def do something like it again.Perhaps give the liver a break first though?!

    Loving the Eejit t-shirt and pink knickers combo.Zexy!!!

  3. Ah that's deadly, sweet pics...glad you all had such a great time :)

  4. E is for EXCELLENT

    That was brilliant Darragh, looks like it as worth the sore heads today.



  5. the new legend! great gig and a pleasure to meet all - i think i lost a hip after my YMCA tribute dance act?!?

  6. You, sir, are a complete Leg End. W00t, I enjoyed reading that sooooo much. Perfect way to remember a great night. :)

  7. @Darren - Ha - I doubt it. Thanks though :-)

    As for you being a bizarre sex fiend... well, them's the photos, ya know?

    @Lottie - thank you my dear!

    @Mar - where DID you disappear to and how did you manage to evade ANY photos? Tut tut tut. But yes, glad we didn't scare you away, no matter how zexy I am ;o)

    My liver is fine actually. The others are just soft :-P

    @Nay - thank you! Next time will you join us?

    @Elf - thanks Clair. No sore head here, thankfully ;-). Not yet anyhoo...

  8. @peter - I think that'd be a great photo of you looking for your new plane :-P

    @Marie - Thanks for the comment and the visit. Really good seeing you again last night - some session it was!

  9. Great post. In future, hook a brother up and put me in black and white eh

    Great post

  10. Nearly always behind the camera Darragh,not in front of it:) Stealth tactic y'

    I went to see The Mighty Boosh after Dakota and popped back to Spy afterwards-You lot seemed happy out.Introduced myself to Rick,had a wander round then I did a cinderella on it and was home by midnight!School night.Boooo.

    Yayyyyy for Soundcheck+Bloggers :)

  11. sounds like a great totally jealous, i'd love to have been there :-( next blog event for me is podcamp so I'll hand in there till then!!

  12. Excellent post Darragh. No wonder the hangovers were rampant today, looks like a great night was had by all!

  13. Hi Darragh
    I found your blog while surfing the net in work, pretending to be busy. I really enjoyed reading your posts, especially the ones listed beside the archive. You have an amazing writing style and the honesty in some of those posts is great. It makes my blog look immature and very boring!
    Anyway I just wanted to say hi and keep up the good work!

  14. Great pictures Darragh, looks like everyone there had a fun night :)

  15. Cool, Darragh. Can I get told about the next one?

  16. That last photo is gorgeous, by the way. I'd nearly put it on the fridge
    but would that be weird...

  17. Looks like youse had a fun time :(

    hmph I'll have my own little Longford/Galway party!

  18. Cracking post Darragh, i feel like i was there.
    why wasn't I there? I'm very stupid to let the old immune system get the better of me every now and again.

    And terrific beard, you almost look half your age now.