Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My hospital appointment's come through

I haven't been well. Thankfully I haven't been ill enough to warrant a hospital stay but fatigue and pain have forced a cessation of most, if not all online activity of late while persistent aches, tremors and stiffness in limbs have been a considerable obstacle to attending or completing many obligations. Sleep eludes me, concentration evades me and short walks have become treks to recover from.

There seems no rhyme nor reason to it. It has refused to present warning signs to let me know I shouldn't plan anything later nor has it done me the favour of being consistent enough to allow me judge my abilities and therefore plan activities for the day. It comes and goes. Similar to Longfellow's little girl, when it's bad, it's horrid.

Thankfully those lovely people at the Health Service Executive, having heard my symptoms, scanned my vitals, tested my reflexes and judged my complaints severe enough to warrant the attention of a Consultant have given me a date where I had nothing planned anyway and will be happy to attend. I pencilled it in this morning.

That's right - May 28, 2009. I quite like the letter which finishes saying

"Please arrive for your appointment at your allocated time. Failure to do so will lead to overcrowding and delays."
Ah that's where the delay is.

Still, I'm feeling better recently. I'm back to blogging today, facing the real world soon. A positive mental attitude and support of friends has been a big help. I feel I'm getting better, unlike our Health Service which seems to be suffering a disease far worse than anything I could have. I'm just glad it's not life threatening and pity those with diagnoses that need urgent assistance.

The appointment is that morning. Anyone free for a coffee or pint after? :o)


  1. Fuck fuck fuck!

    I will clear my schedule to hold your hand all the way there.

    Also, I can be free after work this evening, if you're up for it?

  2. Language Mr Byrne! I just found it really funny. As I say, feeling well enough to blog so taking that as a good sign!

    This evening I'm afraid I can't. Tomorrow?

  3. Just go through A&E at the hospital where the Consultant is.

    I'm hugging you all the way.

  4. I'll be free that day for coffee! Am busy from next week up until mid May doing my complete 3rd year in college but end of May is definitely free.

    Other than that words fail me as to the length of time you have to wait for an appointment.

    Glad you feeling a bit better. If you need to get away from the hectic smog filled city you welcome up to peaceful Donegal to the fresh air anytime! :)


  5. Needless to say that we - the anti-blogger and I - are around for many coffees and pints between now and then.

    Anything we can do - shout.

  6. I best give you my best wishes now cos there's no chance I'll remember that when it comes around... I might even be dead from old age

  7. Thinking of you Darragh. Hopefully you'll have a better result than I did! :)

  8. yeah I see it all the time with my dad he has MS and getting an appointment with his neurologist, of which there are far too little, is like getting a free trip to the moon! hope all does well for u hun, I wish u the best of luck, I have an appointment at the end of next month I had the 10th operation on my ears last april and im only getting a review next month! its a joke and I feel for you, best of luck hun :) :) :) :)

  9. i'm glad you blogged about this -i had thoughts of you being tossed by a loved one and contemplating jumping off some low level bridge (to only land knee deep in muck with a shocked look on your face).

    seriously, glad you are feeling a wee bit better. i hope they can find something or that it is completely gone by then

  10. (lol @ "launguage mr byrne")

    sorry to here you have been so unwell lately, and glad that you are feeling a little better today! Had wondered what had happened to you.

  11. Welcome to my world since I was 16 mi amigo :-( Anytime you need someone to bitch to, here I am...

  12. Hmmm, my schedule looks clear right now, but I'll have to get back to you closer to the date itself :D