Sunday, September 21, 2008

Irish blogger hairstyles yearbook

See this sort of thing is (a) why people shouldn't send me links and (b) why insomnia is a curse. Yes indeed, late last night with the first photo I could find, I yearbooked myself...

I quite like this one from 1956

though this one - 1988 - is quite worringly accurate for what could happen

But what about other bloggers? Would the hairstyles suit? I took the photos I could find, did a bad job at adding them and here are the results...

Ben in 1970

and then 1976

had a hairstyle like David

who in 1984

had missed Anthony's style by two years

but did resemble Andrew's

which isn't that far off Darren's 1980 do

who in 1988

shared a similar look to AJ

who, in 1964

looked a tad like Sean in 1970

Rick looked somewhat similar

though cleaned up in 1996

like Darren did in 2000

following Davy Mac's lead from 1956.

Two years later Niamh had this hairstyle

and Lottie had this one in 1964

though they changed in 1984

and in 2000 respectively

Is the new hairstyle anything like this?

(I'm going to be killed)

It's all over on - an American site with remarkable viral appeal, working on selling fashions from contemporary brands and stores. I'm not sure if it's more fun trying others or yourself....

And the image that will haunt me forever but God knows if I didn't do it, someone else will...

Go on, be brave. What's your yearbook photo like?


  1. By the way, I'm well aware that my efforts (and the photos I used) were awful, so if there's any better ones (not of me...) please do have a go!

  2. Whaaaa!

    You left me out!

    They are BRILL!

  3. Ha ha ha, they are so funny. Great post Darragh, you just put a big welcome smile on my face! So funny.

  4. ;-) - very funny, except that one of me, which is, frankly, terrifying.
    Luckily I have a good sense of humour, unluckily some of the other less-flattering results will likely result in a contract being taken out on you. Might be a good time to make sure your passport is up to date and to have some ready cash & spare clothes handy...
    Wonderful job though, insomnia has it's uses after all!

  5. Scary! Very Very scary! Okay - Ill have to dig out some better pictures.

    Dear Darragh. I can't go out tonight because I have to...em wash my hair...

  6. haha very good, i look FREAKY(ily) good in the 70's

  7. Hahaha :D

    I've been using mine on myspace and people are already messaging me "NAY, WTF have you done to your HAIR?!"

  8. Love love love it :-) I've never been photoshopped by anyone before, thank you. I like my 60's look!

  9. Ba ha ha ha! Blog post of the month! :)

  10. ya left me out too.. although in fairness you dont know where to find a pic of me do ya? :) - me with supershort hair and all face :)

  11. Despite the fact that I look (scarily) like my grandmother in the first pic-it's the hair! - I love this post, so funny. Had fun yesterday yearbooking my dad too...not sure he'd be too happy with the results though :)

  12. Wow, I've never been so creeped out by my own face.

  13. hehehe very funny, but you left me out :-( *sobs in the corner*

  14. Oh, you are a freaky freaky boy.

    I still look great in my pics, so it's ok.

  15. I must admit, a couple of those are quite scary...

  16. You all look much better than 6am on a Sunday morning if you ask me! ;P

  17. Brilliant. I'm now addicted to this site and it's all your fault. :P

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  19. How funny! Some of the hairstyles look quite good too!