Friday, July 25, 2008

Newstalk 106-108fm tomorrow: all about Memes

Thanks to Piaras, I've been invited to the Newstalk studios tomorrow from 7pm to contribute to a discussion on Culture Shock, the Arts and Culture show with host Fionn Davenport and ENN writer (and laptop destroyer) Emmet Ryan.

We'll be talking about internet memes:

The term Internet meme is a neologism used to describe a catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the Internet. (Wikipedia)
So, that's everything from Matt Harding to XKCD, from LOLcats to the Arte y Pico award, from tagged memes to Cowen's Downfall. It could be Sophie Merry to the success of Twitter.

Broadly, memes also cover the success of "this-is-cool-and-happening" blogs like Rick's, Jazzbiscuit and The Chancer. On a strategic level it contributes to the rise of personal brands and indeed how blogging itself could be seen to be one big meme.

That one is my personal favourite, simply the hope that sometimes, people see other blogs, they see the way they write, what they write about and think "I could do that too. I'll give it a go". I love to see it happen.

Culture Shock is on from 7pm to 9pm every Saturday evening on Newstalk 106-108FM. You can listen on the website. We'll be on in the first hour.

What are your favourites memes? Have you any examples or any links to share? Let me know :)


  1. Best of luck Darragh!

  2. Thanks Ciara! I'm a bit nervous but also looking forward to it :)

  3. star wars kid, halo kid, choclate rain, tron guy, transformers guy, the pork and beans video, o rly? lol and leetspeak, narcoleptic dog, smart car beheading a cat, 300 pg version (this is caketown), Pirates of the Caribean trailer with goonies and muppets, stickfigure anmimations, badger mushroom,...

  4. Small world! I know Emmet from college. I hope it goes well for you, I'm probably a bit too new to have anything to suggest though!

  5. @irishstu - Thank you so much sir! Got a lot of those things on the list and then some I'm going to have to google. Really appreciate it :)

    @sineadkeogh - what do you mean "too new"? Too new to the internet, to blogging or to me? In either case - pfffft. Please feel free to contribute :D

  6. Best of luck with it man. May see you after for cocktails

  7. Break a leg, or whatever they say when going on the radio.

    Now I wonder if I can tune into Newstalk 106-108fm?

  8. To blogging! I've been hooked on the internet since the heady days of Wicklow dial-up. Fanfiction is my pet example of things-that-the-internet-did. There's a huge market in writing stories based on established characters, that's probably been talked about to death though!

  9. Don't say anything bad about 4chan or they'll hack your brain.

  10. Nice one Darrah, enjoy! Replace 'nervous' with 'excited' and you're flying. ;)

    Is there a listen again feature? I'll be up at Glasgowbury tomorrow with Junior Johnson or I'd be glued to the radio. :)

    Also, here's a link to that Pork & Beans video if you haven't seen it - a veritable smorgasbord of memes. Or an ubermeme.


  11. Good luck! Make sure to Twitter it before the start - I'm very likely to forget about it :P

  12. I fart in your general direction!

    If we miss it, will it be podcasted?

  13. Best of luck Darragh. x

  14. crap, I'm gonna be working.

    generally, don't people start writing a blog before they start reading them? even if it's a "one post per month" test blog.

    My favourite meme is the one which comes at exact point when I've realised I've absolutely no ideas for a post that day.

  15. Thanks for the wishes all :)

    @Anthony - thanks indeed sir. Talk to you later.

    @grannymar - I believe it's "good luck" - the "break-a-leg" thing considering where I'll be today may not be the best idea ;-)

    You can listen in, I believe, on their website...

    @sineadkeogh - new to blogging, my dear, doesn't mean you can't join the conversation or give suggestions. I mean, I'm only blogging since March and am still not doing it properly - unlike your great blog! :)

    @offthemeattrack - :) thanks for the comment. 4chan are cool. Cool, I tells ya ;-)

    @TracySoulAmbition - ah my life coach, how are you? Thanks for the suggestion - duly noted. Enjoy yourself at Glasgowbury!

    @thechrisd - thanks indeed sir. Not sure if I'll be on Twi... Oh who am I kidding - will defo do :)

    @lottie - thanks my dear!

    @Darren - leaving the fact your father was a hamster out of this, I hope so. My parents will want to listen as well!

    @Mary - thanks Mary!

    @b - interesting point sir. Personally I think you'd read and see what a blog was before starting one, no? And then the more blogs you read the more ideas you get for what you can do yourself?

    As for the memes, I know what you mean :)

  16. what I done was a load of failed attempts to see if I could find a way of writing that I could do on a daily basis.

    While doing that I got sucked into other blogs and such.
    In general though I try to avoid getting influence from other people and definitely never tried to "see what a blog was" cos it should be devoid of definition in my opinion.

  17. The Rickroll. Don't forget to mention the rickroll.