Saturday, July 26, 2008

A little more about me(mes)

In advance of tonight's show, it would be remiss of me not to complete the Meme set to me by the wonderful B of Positive Boredom recently:

It's called Getting Your Goat and it, of course, has rules:

  1. List two things that irritate you for a reason, and list the reason, and two things that irritate you for no apparent reason whatsoever

  2. Give credit to the person who tagged you

  3. Link your answers to the original blog - Keiron over on must be delighted with the traffic :o)

  4. Tag four new people to participate

So then: Things that irritate me for a reason:

I'll probably highlight just how petty I can be about certain things here but I trust you'll indulge me, especially in my first one: Apostrophes and misspellings on signs and posters.

Seriously, I know there's so many bloggers out there who share this, but recently I saw this picture over on Apostrophe Abuse (great blog!) and didn't believe it was true. I had to see for myself, so I did and guess what? It was :o( Major fail!

And in a coffee shop close by:

This one from Letterkenny is one of my favourites... of course maybe there is "Origional art" (top right) and I'm wrong...

and I've blogged this one before but it's worth it again:

and while I understand it's a local idiom or the vernacular or just the way they speak, this headstone, also from Letterkenny (outside a shop may I add) made me smile with the use of Yous:

Secondly it's people dropping litter. Especially parents who allow their children to drop rubbish on the streets and (a) not chastising/teaching the child and even worse (b) not picking it up! Holy need of a bin Batman. I don't think I can write more about this without venturing into rant territory.

Things that irritate me for no good reason:

Many people have commented on umbrellas, which I share, but also people popping balloons both freak me out and annoy me.

Don't get me wrong - balloons are lovely and fun and I don't run screaming at the sight of them. I just hate loud noises and the thought of these things popping near me? Not nice, not nice at all. Let them float or make the animals or whatever, but why burst it? It's not *that* funny.

I mean look at the faces of these delighted children at the Street Performance World Championships. Awww!

And the other one is seeing, and hating, the way I look in certain photos. I don't mean the ones I've posed for - I mean the ones that show a side of me that I'm not comfortable with.

The wonderful Davy MacDonald sent me this photo recently - and I just don't like it. Despite my posts about comfort with myself this is just a side of me that I'm neither familiar or comfortable with. And the fact that I don't like that annoys me even more.

I mean there are plenty of embarrassing photos of me out there where I've posed for them (and probably plenty more after tonight) but still. I'm sure there are people who feel the same. Do you?

Credit to the person who tagged me:

Well B'dum. This one is for you. I like your blog - I like the sporadic nature of your topics, your enthusiasm and your sheer talent in bringing out what interests you. You hop from personal interests to topical to bizzare with such ease. You also comment on so many blogs it's bewildering. I hope there's a category for great people like you at the next blog awards. I'll be nominating you.

(That's what they meant by credit, right? :o))

Finally it's tagging 4 new people to do this. It seems like this has spread right around the blogosphere. Look at some of the people who have participated since July 7:
And they're only the ones I know about!

but there are new blogs (and commenters here) that I've found recently. So in lieu of Damien's own fluffy meme, I'm extending the invitation to them and hope they'll join in:
Please feel free to add your own too!


  1. I'll have to work on it (and try to get un-posed photo's [sic] of you)

  2. thanks!
    There's some great stuff there I wanna comment on but I keep getting disconnected now.

  3. I think that is a FAB photo!

    Just look at the concentration in it.
    Unposed photos are the best.

    I'll try and listen in tonight.

  4. Thanks for the tag, I shall have a think about it! Did you see the Sunday Indo a few weeks back? "Rathmine's" - I kid you not.

  5. Great reading...thanks for the tag...the photos nice can't see whats bad about it, I've much worse pics lol

  6. Harro! Thanks for the linkage. I'm SO with you on the balloons, too.

  7. other than this photo i dont know what you look like, but (and not to be insulting to a new friend i hope) this isnt how i pictured you either...what i mean is (before i stick my entire leg and not just my foot in my mouth :) ) what i mean is this photo probably isnt your best side, and the angle its taken on shows you to be somewhat slimmer and more angular than you really are in living breathing 3 dimensions. thats my take on it at any rate. hope you dont mind.

    as for balloons and apostrophes i totally concur. i always get its and it's mixed up though, especially when my spell check tells me either is correct and i know either cant be correct. (see, i dont use em lol)

    i might blog this meme later today or tomorrow. feel free to stop by and have a read.

    donna (dm13)

  8. Stop picking on poor auld Letterkenny - we have a different language up here compared to "yous" down in Dubland and beyond. Up here we are very origional! ;)

  9. Hmmm, I don't think those pics I have of you from the Tweetup can compare to that one :(

  10. I'm so impressed with the prolific linkage!!!

    You are so, so right about gratuitous balloon poppage, or that involuntary cringe, as though one was about to witness a bomb exploding. It's so ridiculous.

    This photo makes you look a bit like Billy Bob Thornton if yous don't mind me saying!

  11. I finally managed to get that meme done but I do appreciate you mentioning the "Dog's Bollocks" post. One of my finest moments, especially since it came from K8. Can't wait to see her wedding pictures.

  12. recently I saw this picture over on Apostrophe Abuse (great blog!) and didn't believe it was true

    I do hope you're not implying that I'm the type to fake web content for laughs, Darragh...

  13. What's the matter with that photo of you? You're obviously concentrating on something. Why do you feel you have to have a big happy face on all the time? Life is not a stage where we have to "be" a certain way to please others, despite what Shakespeare said.

  14. yous have a fine blog!

  15. I'll take up the challenge :-)

    Will go away and have a wee think about it.

    Apostrophe abuse annoys me greatly as well. It's the copy editor ingrained in my soul...

  16. Cheers Darragh.. I'll give your challenge a go once I think of irritating things. Heard your piece on Newstalk.. It's great to here Irish people that know what they're talking about when it comes to social media.

  17. LOL I get a kick out of crappy signs, there's nothing like errant punctuation for a giggle!

    The balloon thing though... I dislike the destructive side of people who seen a perfect orb and HAVE to pop it, just because they know they can. Pointless!

  18. Thanks for tagging. I posted my meme entry last night. It's not the most conventional post in the world but hey, that's me all over.

    I can't believe I never noticed the signs in Letterkenny when I lived there. Can't say I'm suprised though.