Saturday, July 19, 2008

Celebrities: what a crowd of muppets

Both Darren and Rick have covered Sesame Street this week. I was beginning to feel left out inspired. So here, gratuitous celebrity lookalikes - in fact some are so uncanny you'd have to wonder where they got the inspiration:

All these and more on TMZ. The Elmo one is just scary.

Who's your favourite Sesame Street / Muppet show muppet, and if you could pick one to play you, who would it be? I think I'd go for Count Von Count.


  1. The Ben Affleck one is genius.

    I loves Elmo - I wants to take him home as my pet.

  2. Mmmmm! I'm not sure. You choose who should play me.

  3. Fozzy Bear, all the way!

  4. I quite like the Telly Monster/JD one :)

  5. some awesome likenesses.

    can i top that? sortof.
    i did a photoshoot yesterday of the puppeteer for the main character in the Northern Ireland version of Sesame Street, called Sesame Tree, which began airing on BBC in April.

    I didn't get to see any sesame street characters, though i did see some which were very like those in Labyrinth.

    Photo here.

  6. That was AWESOME! I love the Adam Sandler one.

    As for my fav - probably Oscar the Grouch, just because I know just how he feels! :D

  7. Cookie monster every time!!!

  8. cookie monster was bulimic wasn't he?

    ben affleck one is definitely the best.

    I don't get the Elmo one though.

  9. Really quite excellently done, Darragh. Hilarious stuff.

    Does anyone have a JPEG of the thing the Irish Sun did a few years ago of the Irish soccer team as muppets? Now that was a classic.