Friday, July 25, 2008

Aw, thank you Marian!

Well aren't you the sweetest person ever?

"... I have something you might like, I had forgotten I had it so it needs a new (better home), send me your address and I'll send it on to you..."
They arrived safely today :)

What a thoughtful gift!

I'd send you a Thank You card but they'd be nowhere near as good as yours.

I'll think of something though. Where did I leave that recipe book? :o)


  1. Glad they arrived in one (or should that be two pieces). I figured yourself and Darren would get a laught out of them!!

  2. hehehe, now the fight will begin as to who keeps which one!!!! LOL

  3. Narf!

    I, er, mean.. Nice!

  4. No way - They're so cool. Narf!

  5. They're so cool

  6. They are cute!

    Now where will you display them?

  7. Ah, Pinky and the Brain. Brings me back... all of about 9 years...

  8. @Maz - certainly did laugh. I figure Darren will have to make a convincing argument as to why I split them up now ;-)

    @Mary - what do you think I should make him do to prove he deserves one?

    @David - I'm sure you meant poit!!

    @Darren - way!

    @Anthony - see, told you you should get yourself a cartoon identity!

    @Grannymar - good question! Maybe I *will* let one go to Darren. Maybe.

    @Lottie - indeed :)

    @thechrisd - well it is only 9 years. The fact you were probably only 9 then of course is another matter. Young whippersnapper!