Friday, June 13, 2008

Waiting for you to join us

I know you won't need a reminder but we're both honoured by our recent wins and looking forward to the next monthly blog award winner joining us. (We'll get a bigger couch ;-))

Remember, whether you're a commenter, a blogger or have just stumbled across a great blog post, if you think it's worthy, please nominate it at this link.

Grannymar and I have both talked about how many brilliant genres of blogs are out there worth praise and attention - this is your chance to celebrate the great effort that goes into each and every post.

Check out people's blog rolls, the comments on the blogs you read (the names will link to other blogs) and join the conversation. Say hello :)

Grannymar is modelling this t-shirt, the latest season's fashion, dedicated to Rick O' Shea. Thanks Rick!


  1. Hello! :-)

    Congrats to you both....



  2. God I'm so out of the loop, didn't know you'd won! Congratulations, it's so well deserved!

  3. does nominations end at the end of the month or does it carry on a week into next month?

  4. Eh is your younger sister in the photo eh like seeing anyone. . ya know what i mean. .

  5. Do I get a cuddle with grannymar if i win one?
    I reckon I'd seriously up my game if that was on offer.

  6. Anyone like the t-shirt? Do you think Rick has one going spare?

  7. Ooooh congrats :) I want in too and have a shiney glass thingy!

  8. Friday 13th - lucky for some! :D

    I dunno...

    I take my eyes off Grannymar for one day and look what she gets up to!

    Congrats to you both - you make great ambassadors for all that blogging has to offer.

    I hope Grannymar didn't run away with your teeshirt, Darragh ;-)

  9. Darragh I'm glad you had the sense to get a hot model to try on the t-shirt instead of yourself ;-)

    Jaysus though. Seriously. Who'd willingly wear one of those things?!?!?