Tuesday, June 10, 2008

There are times

There are times

On the bus
In a pub with friends
Walking down certain streets
Hearing certain accents
Seeing couples in cafés
Listening to the iPod on random
Thinking about the past
Planning the weeks to come
Just feeling happy

When no matter how good a time I'm having or how great the company is

That I'll really really miss her

And I'll wish she was there

And I'll want to get in touch

And my phone will be in my hand, ready to dial or to text

Just to say hello

Just to hear from her

Just to know she's there.

And every time

Before I press the green key

I put my phone away

Because I know it's better

To leave the good memories be

To accept that life is better now, better for both of us.

It doesn't stop me missing her.


  1. Go on, make that call!

  2. Ah! You almost made me cry!Lovely post.

  3. Why not call her?
    She could be doing the exact same! It doesn't mean you're getting back together to run the same cycle or anything at all, just keeping in touch. Why not seize the day and all that? What would you do if you had no fear is another good one.

  4. At least by making the call you can put your mind at rest, do it!

  5. "As lousy as things are now, tomorrow they will be somebody's good old days."

    ~ Gerald Barzan ~

  6. Sorry to go against the crowd, but don't do it! Leave it be. Make fresh, new acquaintances and let things blossom there instead.

  7. I think you should leave it be, the response you get may be one you don't want and all your nice thoughts and memories will be tainted, sometimes the past is best left there, in the past.

    Subconciously I think you know it would be a mistake to contact her, otherwise you would have pressed send/call when you composed the messages or brought up her number.
    Some things are best kept as memories.

  8. Mary & Darren- that's what I was trying to say in my (far too) subtle way :-)

  9. Niamh, this is Darragh we're talking about - subtlety doesn't work. Beating him over the head barely works.

  10. Thanks for the comments all.

    For what it's worth, I shan't be calling her in that way, as I said, things are better the way they are now for both of us.

    It's just sometimes, especially when you're doing something you remember you used to both enjoy you can get that "oh wouldn't it be nice" thought.

    She's happy, I'm happy, we're still friends. Things could be a lot worse. :)

  11. It gets me when I see or hear something funny, and he is the first person I think of, because I know he'd laugh too. I want to tell him about it, just to share the joke with someone who appreciates it. Instead I usually share it with a friend, whether they enjoy it or not.

  12. Curly: I just turned around and rode away.
    Mitch: Why?
    Curly: I figured it wasn't going to get any better than that.
    Mitch: Yeah, but you could have been, you know, with her.
    Curly: I've been with lots of women.
    Mitch: Yeah, but, you know, she could have been the love of your life.
    Curly: She is.

  13. Lovely poem Darragh but don't make that call! Wait until you are soberer ;)

  14. Oh Darragh, what a lovely bitter sweet post.

    Maybe she'll see it?

  15. I think you did the right thing by blogging about it. You got the moment out of your system :) These moments of weakness will pass, promise :) My Dad said something brilliant once;
    Parters are like the number ten bus. They're along every few minutes. The trick is to make sure you're standing at the busstop when they pass.
    It is TERRIBLY cheesey but he made me smile through lots of tears with it and it stayed with me, so I pass it on when I can... I caught another bus ;)

  16. Oh this is so hard, but I think you're right on the posting instead of actually doing it. It's such a hard thing to do/to stop yourself from doing it.

  17. :( awwww I want to give you a hug :(

  18. lovley piece.I think everyone has been there and you've captured it. You're right to leave it. At some stage you just have to accpet that life's not always going to turn out how you would like. Often a reason can become apparnet for this but soemtimes, there's none whatsoever.The trick is accepting that. Feeling the disapointment, allowing the sadness but never letting it take over completely.