Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Like some close up shots of Street Performers?

I'm hoping this will tickle the fancy of some of the fabulous photobloggers in the community - like Will, Grannymar, Claire, John, Alexia, Davy, Nathalie, Phil, both Darrens, Rick and the woman who inspired it, Red Mum. I also hope any bloggers who have a camera and fancy the challenge will join in.

I remember reading this post about the frustration of being at the back of the crowds at the St Patrick's Day Festival this year and I got to thinking: what if..? I mean the journalists can do it, why not you?

With the Street Performance World Championships coming up, I've been talking to Conor and Mark, the festival organisers, and they've very kindly agreed to give the photobloggers priority access to the performances and the performers.

Basically this means at each pitch of the two day festival, you'll be allowed to go in front of the crowds and (without bothering the performers and with their permission), take as many unobstructed photos as you want of these world class performers.

There will also be a rest area for the performers that you will have exclusive access to if you want to take any profile portraits.

Finally SPWC have offered ringside seats for the Bravosho on the Friday and Saturday, 13 and 14 June which is on in the garden beside the Chester Beatty Library. All the performers will be on stage and you should get some great shots.

I've been speaking with Marcus from and if you upload the photos to there with the tag spwc they'll all be collected for people to view.

Just a small thank you for brightening up the blogosphere every day! :)

This is open to everyone - those with the huge lensed cameras and those with the wind-up disposables. It's about getting good photos and spreading the word.

Drop me a line at darraghdoyle [at] gmail [dot] com if you'd like more information, or leave a comment if you'd like to go. Places are limited but it might be a great reason for another photomeet! Feel free to blog and let people know :)


  1. You have found more Toyboys for me! :roll:

    You have a magic KEY for opening doors. Well Done!

  2. Sounds great. Gonna have to try this technique for getting photos myself. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to dublin on that weekend (well I maybe could but I can't go *too* often, that would make it every 2 weeks 3 consecutive fortnights.

    Until I find a job in Dublin...
    I should start looking.

  3. I've been planning on going to this. Hope to see some familiar faces... everyone should try to catch the English Gents, they are incredible.

  4. Consider my fancy well and truly tickled (ah, that sounds dirty and it wasn't meant to!). I went last year and had a brilliant time (did you see the crowd-surfing Queen guy?! Or the chicken couple?).
    Some of the performers would make great interviewees, let me know if you need a snapper!

  5. Great idea Darragh! thanks for setting this up. Dunno if I can make it myself but I've entered it into my iCal/Google cal/iPhone/cell wall...

    If I can get there I will, sounds like an ideal day out for a photo-shoot.

    Is there an 'official' photo-meet planned for it?
    The Street Performer organisers could mat some good use from the shots too.

  6. If one were to go to this - how does one distinguish one's self as a photoblogger to get the 'exclusive' access?

  7. I was at this a couple of years ago. It was a great weekend so I would like to take up that offer

  8. I'm honoured to be called a photoblogger :-)

  9. Darragh I would love to be able to get up close to these guys for some shots, as davy said though how do you distingush yourself as a photoblogger top them?

    Please count me in I would be thrilled at this opportunity.

  10. Sorry twas Phil that said it, damn apologies!

  11. Oh wow that's amazing! I'd love to go along to this but I won't take up a place, just in case I don't make it. Can't wait to see the performances and the resulting photos!

  12. Oh wow that's amazing! I'd love to go along to this but I won't take up a place, just in case I don't make it. Can't wait to see the performances and the resulting photos!

  13. Thank you for such a lively post.
    A great idea.

    Lovely photos.

  14. Thanks everyone for the comments and interest. Glad to know people are excited about this type of thing.

    For access to the photographers in the Bravoshos you'll need wristbands from me. Drop me an email for whether you'd like Friday or Saturday night.

    For Friday I can meet you at Dublin Castle and for Saturday I'll be on Merrion Square, at pitch 6, all day, so come say hello :)

    Otherwise just mention you're a blogger or with Darragh to the volunteers at the stand, and you should be fine :)

    @grannymar - thanks :) The magic key is just saying hello and asking if it's possible. Hope you might make it down..?

    @Phil - if I can be of any help with the jobsearch let me know. are highly recommended. Ask for Ellie.

    @Sinéad - thanks for the comment. I saw the English Gents (as you'll see from the video) and they are fantastic. Hope to see you there!

    @Nathalie - hiya :) I may just take you up on that kind offer - drop me a line can you please?

    @Davy - thank you indeed sir. I'll ask redmum about it becoming official, like...

    @Darren - great :) see you there!

    @RickoShea - one of your many hats!

    @mcawilliams - same as for above, just say you're a blogger :)

    @Annie - great to know, there's a place here for you if you want it!

    @tales - welcome to my blog and thanks for the comment. Hope to see you there too. Please be sure to say hello.

    Apologies also it's taken me so long to get in touch - I've been not well :(