Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The people who post on The Lives of Others


"I realised over the weekend that I’ve been clinging onto a number of friendships, that have been dead for a while now."
"I have come to the conclusion that people don’t want to hear about your accomplishments. No matter how good of a friend your friend is, no matter what they say, they really don’t want to hear about it."
"I change my mind at the last minute about a promise I make, for no reason... Am I a bad person, or am I just a person?"
I have read
"I cant believe what a difference hair has made to my well being. i didnt think it would matter, especially after going through the entire cancer thing - you figure any hair is better than no hair and it shouldnt be a priority, but you know what? how you see yourself in the mirror really does have a huge effect on how you feel even if you ‘logically’ know it shouldnt."
here today
"We’d met through a friend, we were both single and she was obviously a thousand times too beautiful to be hanging around with someone like me, yet she did".
could have been
"i’ve never felt so lonely. Actually I’ve always felt an undercurrent of loneliness but it’s just so terrible right now".
"My friends think I’m this wonderful self-less saintly human being and I’m nothing of the sort. I”m selfish, I’m a terrible friend, I am cynical and bad tempered at times, egotistical and impatient."
by me
"All I want is to wake up next to someone who looks at me and makes my heart stop beating. I don’t know who that is. She may not exist."

If you can, please go over and read The Lives of Others. Leave a comment to let the people who share their secrets there know that they are not alone. Or to thank them for sharing. These are only some of the amazing posts over there. There are many more.

I'm going to more often. Thank you all. Knowing I'm not so alone has made my day a lot better.


  1. this blog (the lives of others) is now the first place i head each morning with my breakfast cereal. it helps to know that how i think and feel is not much different than any other person in this world.

  2. I feel the same Darragh, there is so much there that could have been written by me. It's a great relief to see that there are other normal people out there, somewhere!

  3. Well It is a great place to vent all that couped up crap inside, I have found posting there a real revelation and am so happy to have found a place to blog about my inner thoughts.

    Thanks for taking the time to post about us.

  4. Wonderful site, thank you. I'll be popping in there regularly now.

  5. I've been meaning to think of something to post on it but I can't think of any, I done this though.

  6. Always lovely to hear these things. I wrote one of those, strange to think my experience was universal...


  7. Agreed. Just visited and the piece about saying goodbye to a dying friendship really struck a chord. I'll be visiting this blog again.