Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Josh Thomas's first time

Josh Thomas hasn't got a girlfriend. It's an important part of his show, The Adventures Of Josh Thomas and The World’s Greatest Love Machine, a title which, he says, is often misread.

"The title is me AND THE world's greatest love machine. no one ever reads it properly and thinks I am saying I am the world's greatest love machine. I am not. Don't get me wrong though, I am a very, very very generous lover."

About six foot tall with a mess of blonde hair and quite baby faced, Josh gives a great performance of a socially inept, awkward and shy young man with a keen sense of humour and observation, something the younger ladies in the audience really seem to appreciate.

It's his first time in Ireland and his first time at the Cat Laughs Festival. He's just turned 21 - literally, on the flight over from his native Australia - possibly not how you'd envisage the start of being 21, something he references at the start of his show.
When I was younger I thought with puberty that would be it - my voice would get deeper, I'd have hair on my face and I'd become a man. The older I've been getting the more I've realised that's unlikely to happen. So I'm just stuck as I am.
It's a very personal, direct and honest view of who an how he is. "I don't have a girlfriend, I'm not very good with 'the ladies'" he tells the audience, "It's a true story, but I had to break up with my last girlfriend via SMS. We'd been getting intimate when she said "You don't have very much hair on your face Josh. You don't have very much hair on your body Josh. Sometimes for me it's a bit like being with a woman..."" The audience laughs in a huge wave of sympathy.

Josh has been doing stand up for the past 4 years - at the age of he was the youngest ever winner of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s RAW Comedy Competition in 2005. He also made the finals of So You Think You’re Funny, the Edinburgh Festival’s RAW equivalent. He thought he was the King of the world.

He's done 6 shows at the Cat Laughs, appearing with names including Jason Byrne, Neil Delamere, Tommy Tiernan, Craig Hill and Karl Spain.

I sat down with him for a couple of minutes to have the briefest of brief interviews - five quick questions:

His advice for young comedians:
"Don't do it! Why would you hate yourself that much? Ah no, no.

Just do it. Get out there and just do it. I got in by just getting up and saying "I'll do a routine" and it started like that. Just go and get it done."
On the Internet:
"Ah I love it. Love it. What more can I say? You can find me on my website and on MySpace. I sometimes sit there just refreshing. There's also videos of me on You Tube":

Favourite thing about Kilkenny:
Well I was slightly ambitious, arriving on Tuesday. I've toured the castle (45 minutes), I've walked over the bridge (by accident but it's a nice bridge), I've seen Dunnes and - ooh I was interviewed by Glenda Gilson, is that her name? She was scary. But I really like the place.

The most commonly asked question he gets:
"What's it like being a comedian so young? Which is a silly qestion really cos I don't know the answer, come back to me when I'm older and I'll tell you. I mean, c'mon journalists... seriously!"
Finally, what question he'd ask if he was interviewing:
Er, I don't know. I'd never, ever ask a comedian what it's like to be a comic. There's no real answer to the question. I'd probably ask one to write a joke for me.

And with that he's gone. Given the reaction of the crowd and respect of fellow comedians, here's one comic with plenty of stories to tell to plenty more audiences in the future.

Josh can be found online at:

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