Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dublin: The movie - a film shot in 24 hours

I'm very excited to be involved in this:

As part of the Darklight Film Festival, 30 film makers are taking part in a shoot of 24 hours tomorrow around Dublin.

The idea is to create a mini-movie of 3 to 5 minutes which will then become part of an overall feature film, to be shown at the end of the Festival.

Let's take that again:

  • 30 film makers
  • 24 hours (tomorrow)
  • 3 to 5 minutes of film each

    will hopefully equal

  • 1 feature film
  • in 4 days.

Welcome to the 4 Day Movie project.

I'm honoured to have been invited to blog, twitter, twitterfone, interview, shoot and otherwise cover this event. My friends Niamh and Emily are helping out over what will be a very manic weekend.

I've set up a blog on and a Twitter account on 4daymovie.

I've already been talking to some of the filmmakers and they're getting back to me. They sound very excited!

Also a big thanks to Pat Phelan of Twitterfone and to Alan, resident Twitterfone genius for their help :)

Some links for you to have a look at:
Wish me luck!


  1. This should be great, my brother is one of the filmmakers and is very excited :) His name's David, say hello to him ;)

  2. They very best of luck with it, looking forward to hearing more

  3. Sounds like hectic fun - hope it's a wild adventure for you and all those involved. :)