Monday, May 26, 2008

Quite yum actually

Saturday afternoon dining:

I've had them before. They were tasty. Quite garlicky and herby. Mmmm.

Not sure which would put you off your food more - the snails or me :-P


  1. Elly might be jealous but not me! I draw the line at snails.

  2. not. for. me. thanks.

  3. Ick. I tried them a few years ago and they tasted like really rubbery garlic mushrooms.

  4. Aha, now I know where I can send the few hundred I find each day...

    You're a braver (wo)man than I, Gungadin.

  5. @grannymar - ah a good beer helps to wash them down - personally I thought they were grand ;)

    @phil - ah. go. on. Have. a. go!

    @Darren - at the photos of me or the snails? ;-)

    @threnn - hey and thanks for the comment :) I think I had the same experience years ago but these ones (Greek restaurant in Paris) were delicious!

    @debbie - hello there and welcome :) You can keep the snails thanks - did you ever do snail races when you were younger?

    I always beat the snails!

  6. When cooked well they are heaven, but like seafood if overcooked turn to rubber. I'm not a big fan, but have no real aversion. The husband loves them though! Love the pics! :)

  7. doesn't look like you are enjoying them too much in that last photo....

  8. Hee hee, if I scroll really fast the pics turn into a little video clip (jut like those drawings you'd do on the corners of my copy books!).
    What's the consistency like??

  9. @deborah - these were heaven! Greek restaurant in Paris - really great food. Wouldn't to be honest have managed 12, 6 was plenty fine.

    @lottie - you know me, that's the way I usually look ;-)

    @Nathalie - hello there :) Is there going to be an animation of me eating?

    The consisentcy - hard to explain. They were coverted in what to all intents and purposes is pesto and quite small. I suppose all I can tell you is a bit tougher than mussels and about as chewy as an orange peel.

    Does that make sense?