Wednesday, May 28, 2008

John thinks I'm living the life

and he writes about it here.

But as I say, it's only because of the amazing, supportive, funny friends I have, the enthusiasm, passion, creativity, cuteness, style, talent, example and continued encouragement of fellow great drinking buddies and bloggers - old and new - in the blogging community and the great comments I get that helps me do this at all.

So thank you everyone. It's all your fault ;-) And thanks John!


  1. Did you just describe Mr Rick as 'old'?

  2. This is why I love the blogosphere!

    You rawk Darragh <3

  3. Darragh all my Toyboys are forever young, just like you!

    Are you trying for a record of how many bloggers you can mention in one post?

  4. Linking me as a bollix wasn't an option then no?

    I'll try harder

  5. Aw thanks Darragh! John's post was great. Spot on! :)

  6. @Darren - well he is. That's why all his photos are in black and white!

    @Annie - me too. Simple as.

    @Grannymar - well I tried before too. Must try harder.

    @Ben - whaddya mean? You're there buddy ;-)

    @Deborah - thank you too :) Always very supportive!

    @John - Welcome to you too and cheers for the comment. Appreciated !

  7. Woot! I got the 'drinking' one. :) Cheers Darragh

  8. wow lots goin on there the HTML in that post has me tingeling LOL :)

  9. Old.


    It's all been downhill since I turned 35 this month.

    *goes off to buy a rocking chair*

  10. Hmmm Maz, I'm more of a crocheter myself...

  11. @anthony - most welcome sir.

    @lette - tingled by HTML? cool!

    @rickoshea - really, 35? Wow. I meant "old" in terms of "been blogging for ages" but you've just outed yourself there! In fairness though you don't look a day over 34.

    At least you don't get the following conversations:

    In a pub recently I was talking to a stranger about movies and she said

    "wow, you know a lot for your age"

    and I said "well, I should, being 44. I just use a lot of Oil of Olay"

    and she said "well it's working. I'd have only put you as 37".

    I'm 29 :(

    @maz - you would have a rocking chair. I'll bet it's white ;)

    Thanks for the feedback all :)

  12. Oh Darragh, is it terrible that you're 44/37/29 commment made me giggle a leetle?

    Sorry, I'm evil.

  13. Hey.
    I'm glad you found an outlet and I will continue to read it and ecnourage you to do it...

  14. Er, think I'll stay out of this getting old competition as I might just win. @'.'@

    I'm happy just with being new, thanks Darragh!