Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm 50% bogger - how about you?

Image by Jason Tammemägi

The email I got today very much amused me. A spreadsheet seeing how much of a bogger you are. I'm not at all ashamed of my rural background, but the questions really hit home:

  • Have you seen "Ear to the Ground" more than 3 times?

  • Have you ever heard the death notices on radio?

  • Have you ever used the phrases "Jaysus" "By god" or "Oh Lord"?

  • Should Blackie Connors have got an Oscar?

  • At any stage during the summer can you step out your door and get the smell of freshly spread slurry?

  • Have you ever taken fresh eggs from under a hen?

  • Do you only have RTE1, NET2, TV3 & TG4 or less on your television?
and then my favourites - the real telling ones:
  • If by choice you could marry a local would you do so?

  • Would it be desirable that he/she was an only child to a wealthy farmer?

  • Do you know who Miley is?
and the real real test:
  • Do you ever look up in the sky when you hear a helicopter?
Brilliant! You can download it here (Excel File, 26k) - let me know how you get on. :)


  1. To be honest Darragh, I'd be somewhat afraid of taking this test.

    I know where I'm from, I don't need proof that it stands out a mile away.

  2. Ooh, fun. I got 43%, but I answered some of the questions as if I still lived at home so that might have twisted the numbers somewhat.

  3. PHEW only 31% bogger. Not bad for a girl living in Dublin all her life but with 50% bogger grandparents :D
    And a bogger housemate :D

  4. Bugger!



  5. The mention of slurry is enough to put me off my food! 31 years in the country and I am still not used to it, I'd rather the liffey any day!

  6. Unfortunately I don't have Excel. The fact that I was born in Dublin to a Ballyfermot bloke and a Cabra girl would suggest a lowish score though.

  7. Thanks eveyone for the comments :D

    @B - really, are you a bogger? Or not a bogger? Sigh, so hard to tell ;-)

    @Maz - are you saying that where you live now has changed things for you? Me too!

    @Niamh - yu say only 31% as if that's a good thing!

    @jc skinner - welcome to my blog sir and thanks for the comment, no matter what % you may be!

    @grandad - really? Really? I'd have thought you'd be up in the high 80s!

    @grannymar - ah tis a grand healthy odour of "quick, roll those windows up, will you". Although the Liffey can be as bad!

    @anthony - download Open Office sir. Or Google Documents. You'll get the idea :) But the background might be a clue alright!

  8. "grandad - really? Really? I'd have thought you'd be up in the high 80s!"

    I would have been in the high hundreds if the questionnaire were for Gentlemen Boggers.

  9. Darragh, yes certainly where I live now has changed things for me. Moving to Limerick city (going to UL especially) gave me a confidence that I could have never achieved if I'd stayed back west. Being teenager in school in a small town, being from an even smaller village limits your circle of friends, in a city (even a little one like ours) you can really choose your friends. Best part of city living for me.

  10. @grandad - A gentleman bogger you say. Interesting!

    @maz - very much same as meself. Very very much in fact.

    @B - really? What did you say for the helicopter one?

    Truth be told you're probably too young to remember Glenroe...