Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Everybody's talking about you

And how you could be the first winner of this:

Image by Damien Mulley, taken from here.

It's a great incentive to publish all those drafts, to get your ideas from head to screen and to share your stories.

If you want to nominate a blog post, write about it and link to it and to the official announcement over on Awards.ie. (Will this work for track-back-less blogspot?) There's also a form you can complete. I like the fact that Damien invites you to nominate yourself if you think you’re worth it.

I also see that Awards.ie is now making reference to the upcoming Web Awards in October. If they're half as fun as the Irish Blog Awards were, it will be a great night.

Happy blogging!

Link found through Alexia's Red Links and over on Grannymar's blog. Thank you!

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