Friday, May 02, 2008

A Bertie Gift for you

He came, he saw, he conquered, he left. After quite an emotionally charged and - in fairness - well delivered speech to Congress, an Taoiseach Bertie Ahern is off.

The comments on Shane's blog are very interesting, especially regarding the things Bertie could have said but didn't. I was dreading what could have been but secretly hoping for "in fact, eh", "spanner" or "jaysis" to be in there.

Alas no. In the end though the man did us proud. However, for those that share my love of dat Bertie here's something for you :

It's out today - the new Gift Grub album celebrating the best of Bertie on Today FM's Gift Grub, broadcast on Ian Dempsey's morning show.

Dat's Life is the new album, celebrating one of the most enduring and popular characters on the Gift Grub stage and the inspiration for some of the funniest Gift Grub sketches.

The track listing hits most of my personal favourites - including the hilarious Bertie meets Bosco:

1. Bertie's Big Top
2. Ray Burke up a Tree
3. Convoy
4. De De
5. Space
6. Noonan vs Bertie
7. Bertie meets Bosco
8. Paddy the Plasterer
9. The Lotto
10. Gift "Gift"
11. Bertie's Taxi
12. Dat's Life.

It'll be available in all the usual places, downloadable from iTunes, online from and on Vodafone Live! who will also be giving away some CDs.

Thanks to the lovely Emma at EMI Music I too have a couple of albums to give away to any blogger who'd like one. Just leave a comment linking to your blog below :)

(Don't forget - if you're in Dublin, come join the celebrations. It's not about Bertie at all Elly, it's all about you ;))


  1. In fact ah, one of them CDs wud be wonderful! :)

  2. Always up for a competition :)

  3. I eh, couldn't, eh, turn down that offer. Who doesn't like to, eh, receive freebies? Eh?

  4. I can't make to the party. Should I see where I put my "Scrap Charlie" tape?

  5. Am I too late, I'd love one.

  6. Cool, I've been looking forward to the CD - and to the party!