Thursday, April 17, 2008

Maybe we should buy D15 a dictionary?

Why don't people bother to spell or punctuate properly any more?

I know Rick O' Shea agrees on this - he's got loads of posts about it. The Chancer does too. I still have to remind myself of this page but you know, just sometimes you have to laugh.

Like at this in the office supplies shop in Blanchardstown:

or this in Eason's, also in Blanchardstown:

or the classic, phonetic approach to sign writing... also taken in, erm, Blanchardstown funny enough...

You know the old joke of the earthquake in a Dublin suburb? It may come to something like that being involved. Or maybe with this much blogged about Emergency booklet, they could send out a dictionary?

I'm pedantic, I know, I know. Sure 'tis little else I have to be worried about!

Thanks to Niamh for pointing all those out to me (Well if I didn't tell you, she would...)

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  1. LOL my spelling is bad but thats really funny :)