Friday, April 18, 2008

Iron Man is fluffy!

Yes it's true. Iron Man is fluffy. (Thank you Damien!) And yes you can have tickets for free, gratis and for nothing. Well, almost. You have to read the below first.

One of the festivals I'm looking forward to working with and attending this year is the Cinemagic Festival, or to give it its proper title:

The Coca-Cola Cinemagic Film & Television Festival for Young People in association with Spencer Dock
It's on from April 23 to May 1 in various venues around Dublin and the festival programme promises a vast array of films, masterclasses with film and television professionals, workshops for schools, Q&A's and more, all of which aim to entertain, motivate and create opportunities for young people aged from 4 to 25.

We put some of the competitions live on the Vodafone Live! portal earlier today (that's the interweb on your mobile, like), including family tickets to see new Irish film 'Summer of the Flying Saucer' directed by acclaimed Irish filmmaker Martin Duffy.

X Factor host Dermot O' Leary will officially open the festival which starts at Movies@Dundrum, Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin on Wednesday 23 at 1830 with the premiere.

The young cast and crew from the film including Robbie Sheehan, Dan Colley and Joanne Kiernan will also be in attendance and will answer questions from the audience after the screening.

You can download the full festival programme here.

Personally the other screenings I'm looking forward to are:

Vexille - a Japanese CGI anime film witten, directed and edited by Fumihiko Sori. That's on Monday 28 at 7.00pm in Cineworld.

Pan's Labyrinth - the Guillermo del Toro film returns to the big sceen. That's on Friday 25 at 7.00pm at Movies@Dundrum.

MONSTERS INC is showing on Saturday 26 April at 2pm at Movies@Dundrum. The Wizard of OZ is showing in the same place and day at 7.00pm

Amélie is on Sunday 27 April at 7pm in Movies@Dundrum. I think this was the first film I went to the cinema alone a few times to see.

Other films being shown include Artic Tale, Donnie Darko (Tues 29, 6.30pm, Cineworld), Toy Story, The Last King of Scotland, Jaws, The Kite Runner and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

One of the cool things I think (and I wish I could go!) are the Masterclasses on from April 23 to May 1.
A must for young people (aged 13- 25) wishing to follow a career in the media industry are the insightful Cinemagic masterclasses taking place in Spencer Dock, The Mill Theatre and Filmbase.

They include Television Presenting with Laura Woods and Dermot O’ Leary, Acting with Rachel Kavanagh, Matt Littler, Darren Jeffries and Chris Rankin, Directing with Dave Caffrey, Television & Music Production with Ned O’ Hanlon, and a class with the Casting Director Ros Hubbard.
So it all looks really good, eh? Really great to see events like this in Dublin (and Ireland) bringing film to younger audiences. Check out their website.

Oh yes, Iron Man. Well, it's on Thursday May 1 at 7pm in Cineworld, Parnell Street, Dublin 1 and for tickets please just leave a comment. I can then let you know. I can't promise unfortunately but will do my best for you. :) I've already reached my allocation but remember You can also buy the tickets for €7.00 by booking on

Please note that it is WAS first come, first served.

Can't ask for more than that, can you? :) A big thanks to Claire from Cinemagic for offering the tickets :-)

(Don't forget and Rick are offering tickets to the premiere the night before.)


  1. Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me....please!

  2. Hi Darragh,

    Would two tickets be reasonable? Let me know!


    P.S. It's interesting insofar as that the festival is for up to 25 year olds; I browsed a brochure in Cineworld about it and that wasn't too apparent to me? The thing seemed to be squared at a younger group - now, albeit, I didn't really read much... but just a thought.

  3. Ill take 2 if you have some available. jason at

  4. I'd love two, but even one would be fantastic

  5. I'd take three if they were free, as I can't decide which of two friends is the bigger comics :)

  6. Hey Darragh,

    I'd love two tickets as well, gotta prove beyond all doubt that it's Tony Stark, and not Simon Stark ;)

    brian dot bambrick at gmail dot com


  7. Hi Darragh,

    Ill take 3 tickets if thats ok.

    vaughanb AT gmail DOT com


  8. Hi Darragh,

    can i have two please?

    vote Stark 2012 :)

  9. I would like a couple of tickets if there are any available . Cheers

  10. If there were two tickets going - could you consider me too? :)

    sineadcochrane at gmail dot com

  11. Oooo, I would love two if that would be possible! :-)

  12. I'd love two as well if possible

  13. If there are any left at this late stage I would be delighted to take one or two off your hands.


    tonycochrane at gmail dot com

  14. would love some tickets! sweet!

  15. um three tickets would be great, got a bit carried away with myself there!

  16. Hey there all of you, a massive thanks for your interest. i'll be in touch over the weekend to let you know :) Remember to check out the website at

    I may have tickets to other screenings, will let you know that too!


  17. Sorry about that, posted earlier on and forgot to drop in an e-mail address.

    Soooo it's noelrock at the :)

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  19. Sweet, thanks again for the tickets!!!

  20. Iron Man was practically flawless as a super hero flick; it drops pretty obvious hints that would indicate a sequel as well... i'm thinking the next one should be equally great