Monday, March 10, 2008

You know the way...

... you lose something, but you're sure you haven't lost it? I mean, you can't locate it anywhere and yet you're sure you haven't accidentally left it anywhere it shouldn't be?

I found my birth certificate last night. In the front pocket of my bag. A bag I haven't opened since 2006 apparently.

I *knew* I hadn't lost it.

Hopefully now I'll be as lucky with my passport. *Fingers crossed*.


  1. Try the fridge or the airing cupboard!

  2. D, you know that passport is just sitting in that iguana's nest in the tapas bar in Sotogrande!

    Do iguana's have nests?

  3. It's possibly gone on holidays with my iPod. I lose it for a month, knowing it's not "lost", find it gain, only to forget where I left it.