Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Thank you very much Rick O' Shea.

I just won a very cool t-shirt in a fight-to-the-death battle of wit* on his extremely great blog! Thanks to those who donated it too!

I've nicked his photo of it until I get one of my own.

Looking forward to adding this to the fluffy and fluphy badges, the WWMD sticker, the Creative Camp badge, Twenty's book, one of Julie-Anne's t- shirts and the chancing my arm but any-chance-of-getting-a-woolly-hat from Grandad?

I have no problem pimping any bloggers goods ;)

Thanks very much sir!

* = That's not true, but I said I'd say it so I'm saying it


  1. Maybe I should start a line in Toyboy Dolls! ;)

  2. Do you not have enough toyboys already?


    You should bottle your enthusiasm, your encouragement and your hugs. Having experienced all 3 I know I'd be back for more!


  3. A hug in a tub! I wonder how I can do that?

  4. "but any-chance-of-getting-a-woolly-hat from Grandad?

    Two chances......... ;)

  5. Nice one Darragh :)

    Tell me you got TWO CreativeCamp badges though... you did notice there were two different heckling badges?