Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bits, bobs, bananananas and a five-stone, 168,540-calorie, Easter egg

I know I should be working, I know.

But I got the innocent newsletter. I reckon sometimes it's easier not to risk a misspelling:

Jazzbiscuit is on form today with two of the more creative You Tube videos I've seen in a while.

There's the diddlyi music video from a young guy who plays

Music from a tin whistle in D, tabla, bongo, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, triangluitar, ukulele, another ukulele, chair with ukulele, chair with tin whistle in D, violin, casio keyboard, erhu/chinese violin, piano, and chair with cellular telephone
Fair play to him!

And then there's the parody on the Guinness dominoes ad. Excellent!

On other interweb blog sites then,

Grandad's given me a great idea on funding foreign holidays this year.

Grannymar's looking for a date. Well, I reckon that's what she's getting at, as inspired by Rick O Shea's post.

and finally, feast (literally) your eyes on this, from the Daily Mail website:

A monster five-stone Easter egg has gone on sale… leaving dieters shell shocked.

The solid chocolate treat is the height of a nine-year-old and could be melted down to make more than 635 standard bars.

And with a whopping 168,540 calories – the recommended limit for 84 days - it won't win any fans at Weight Watchers.

£499 for an easter egg though? Get me a bar of Turkish Delight and I'm happy :D


  1. Darragh you never told me what your ideal mate would be.

  2. grannymar, I know. But I shall.

    (Part of me wonders if I know myself)

  3. That curved yellow fruit deally... I once saw a sign at a farmers market that had "Dirty Carrots 99p" on it, I'm still laughing about that several years later!