Friday, April 27, 2007

one random act deserves another...

Ted from innocent has just emailed me a link to their blog...

Hello innocent drinkers :)

I'll just use this opportunity to say - buy the book, do something nice and have a lovely weekend...

And have a look at/listen to this - my favourite song of the moment:

(I wish I had my blog more up to date!)


  1. You will have to plug Innocent Smoothies an awful lot more if most people are going to consider them at the price... Damn, they cost half the price of a small dinner!! There are better tasting smoothies available at half the price.

  2. Hear hear! There's a nice little deli on Dawson Street, Sandwich Symphony. The service is slow, it's very cramped, but the smoothies are damn good. Mmmm! (And they're better value that them there Innocent ones)