Sunday, March 25, 2007

"They have all the best land and all the best jobs" - coming soon to a TV screen near you!

Delighted to hear that the genius folk over at have been commissioned for a TV series. Another great example of web based creativity crossing the divide into "mainstream media" - by which I mean a form my folks have a chance of seeing.

I hadn't realised I'd been working with the main designer of the extremely funny cartoons - I think he was a bit scared by how enthusiastically I quoted certain lines...

When we were over in London, this cartoon came out and became a staple view, with both the English and Irish laughing at it - or maybe the English just laughing at us laughing at it.

It's a distinctly Irish humour - thankfully. All too rare on good sites today.

They're hiring at the moment. I'm emailing now to see if they need a bastardised Kilkenny-Dublin-years-of-elecution hybrid voice over for any of their features...

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