Friday, February 13, 2009

Twitter rap - one fordy

I was told about this in a meeting this morning:

Via and Howard Lindzon. Put together by Jon Labes and Phil Pearlman and rapped by Julie Alexandria and Brent Rose, directed by @jonlabes.


  1. haha, no i only did the "quicker" instructions because i knew most of my technologically remedial friends would be intimidated by a longer post. but i really appreciated the step-by-step you offered. there were many steps that i overlooked, but realized others might not be as familiar with. thanks!

  2. Lucy: Welcome back. For those who won't know what you're referring to, thanks again for the link in this post about comments. It's great - you've given me a great idea :)

  3. i've been rapping in my real estate ads since 2003..this is interesting...this guy [ ] raps in his status updates on Facebook nearly everyday...many people havent caught on yet but some respond back with raps of thier own..