Monday, February 16, 2009

Feck off Barry's Tea - I have work to do!

Just been sent a link to the new Barry's Tea TV ad:

So not fair. Here's me, up to my tonsils (post to follow) and there's Barry's teasing me with a major case of travel envy, of wanderlust and of the knowledge that I never took the opportunity to do that, to get away from Ireland before I was 30 for a year off, just travelling around, like 'Jane' in the ad, going from place to place. A combination of never having the money, always working and never just going and doing it - completely my own fault.

Niamh took the opportunity last year - she's telling me at the moment that "This time last year I was on a glacier" and "Oh last year I was swimming with dolphins off the course of Fiji with a cocktail in one hand and a whole 2 months before I came home" - or words to that effect. Not boasting, just reminiscing but I can't help feeling that envy.

Younger sisters and brothers have gone off to Australia, ex colleagues are just back from world trips and I'm fed up of logging on to Facebook to read where other people are and I'm not.

Of course they saved up or went into debt or worked hard for all of that. And me, well I've travelled a lot, lived in London for a year, Spain for a few months and am generally very lucky. Still though, this is my rant and I'll rant if I want to.

I'm currently writing another post about work and realised that I've been working almost non-stop since I was 21, punctuated only by holidays and periods of unemployment, where I packed as much if not more in than a working day. This week sees the culmination of three big projects I'm working on, I'm feeling drained but stressed, running only on adrenalin and enthusiasm, unable to sleep but very, very happy.

Being busy suits me.

So go away Barry's with your travel and your flavours and golden moments and your temptation. (Mrs Doyle: "Now what do you say to a nice cup of tea". Fr Jack: "Feck off cup!") Come back to me in a couple of months or so. I may have time for you then.


  1. i'm 10+ yrs older than you, been working since 17. I"ve been lucky enough to go a few places though for 'long' weekends - Los Angeles at Oscar madness weekend for parties and such, Indianapolis (of all places lol), Portland for a U2 concert (1hr flight from Vancouver) and Seattle for a film festival. I went alone, but met online friends once there and it was short but sweet each time.

    now im older, hubby is more interested in travel and we finally took our honey moon two xmas' ago to Hawaii (for another U2 concert lol). We spent 10 days and loved it.

    I say give in to Barrys! Be busy in a new surrounding. PUt as much effort into a trip somewhere new as you do into working and still be very very happy. saiz i :)

  2. Once you are happy in your skin, then it doesn't really matter where you are.

    Always have a dream or a carrot to chase, it adds the colour and spice to life!

  3. OR you could pack yerself into our luggage and come with us...

    ... just a thought.

  4. Ben and Jerry's, U2, Barry's Tea...Darragh, you help give promotion to all sorts of people and products here, but why do you feel the need to do it for massive brands like this who don't need the help?

  5. Donna: Good point! I have my first foreign holiday in ages to look forward to this year - no work, no commitments, just my brother's wedding in Spain!

    Grannymar: True, true!

    David: Once around a room on your back was enough, never mind half way around the world.

    Andrew: It's hardly promotion but I got an email from a friend in their PR office and, like someone who gets a postcard from somewhere foreign and sunny when it's wet and miserable here, I thought "oh feck right off". It's precisely because big brands like this don't need promotion that I can do it. I eat Ben and Jerry's Ice cream - I don't drink Barry's Tea. Coffee all the way!