Friday, February 06, 2009

Roof ripped off Dublin bus: photos from the accident site

10 passengers escaped harm by sitting downstairs on the 42A double-decker bus that hit a tree yesterday morning.

The Indo reports the accident took place shortly before 8.30am - as the photos below show the time was approximately 8.11am or so.

The accident occurred in a designated bus lane near the former Five Lamps pub as the bus travelled towards Artane from Abbey Street, shortly before 8.30am.

A spokeswoman for the company said the driver of the bus was taken to the Mater hospital to be treated for shock, but all 10 passengers on board escaped unharmed.
Shortly after the accident Sinéad Cochrane uploaded some great pictures to her Flickr account including the ones below.

photo shows Dublin Bus parked beside railings with Fire engine parked behind. The top of the bus is completely gone, you can actually count all the seats upstairs.

photo shows roof of bus on the road, not as high as the litter bin, parked in the bus lane

Joe Drumgoole and Swear I'm not Paul followed quickly with photos, as did member dmeagher:

Photo shows 42A stopped on side of road at site of accident. Only the two front window supports are visible.

I received more by email last night but I'll start with this remarkable artist's impression, found via Thinkhouse PR:

Image shows Cadbury's Double Decker bar halved beside a tree that looks like it was painted by a four year old child

Ahem, yes. Well anyway - my thanks to Lisa for sending the following through:

Photo shows the roof of the bus on the road behind it just after the crash. Many of the windows are still intact. Photo taken at 08:09

Photo shows roof of bus from rear on the road. Back window is totally smashed as is the surrounding metal. A fire engine can be seen in the background. Photo taken at 08:12

Phot shows rear of bus after accident - top is completely gone but most of the surround from the rear window is hanging down over the license plate. Photo taken at 08:19

Phot taken at 08:11 shows the front of the bus, pre-poice or emergency services arriving


  1. You see, this is the aftermath that we never get to see after each and every over the top James Bond stunt.

  2. How did this happen? Surely the driver knew the route. It's not like that tree grew out overnight.

  3. I would just like to point out that THPR did not create that amazing image, just passed it on. It would be wrong for us to take credit for such illustrious artwork.

  4. Class photos. Well done, Sinead, et al.

    Shitty post though. :)

  5. Great photos. How technically these photos are being captured.