Friday, February 06, 2009

Talking gadgets with Gadgetrepublic

The wonderful Marie Boran recently quizzed me on my gadgetary tastes for gadget news and reviews site - here's a link to what I had to say:

The photo of me was taken by my friend and three-categories-in-the-blog-awards-longlisted Naomi. Congratulations!

While you're over there, check out their competitions and the first Gadget Talk interview with Pat Phelan.

If someone could tell me if the dream gadget exists, I'd appreciate it!


  1. Should I be offended that you're not following me anymore? :-/

    In case you're wondering, I chose to comment on this post as there were no comments here already and I didn't want to hijack another conversation. I'm good like that lol

  2. Gamma Goblin: That's really weird - I didn't stop following you, it told me I was still following you but I wasn't shoing up in your panel. Strange. So I unfollowed and refollowed and I'm back. The weird and wonderful world of Google, eh?

    No worries about the hijacking conversations - they're normally the best ones :)

  3. My humblest apologies. It appears to have been a glitch with Blogger as Stephen points out. I tried to comment there but the captcha thing on the comments isn't working.

    I don't mind people who stop reading my blog, I just like to know why is all. I'm really not that egotistical... honest :D