Thursday, February 05, 2009

My sister saw the video

I was on the phone to Andrea and I told her she should look at the blog. I said she'd find something about her there. She said she would when she got the time.

She rang me the other evening. I answered tentatively, holding the phone a good mile from my ear, just in case.

- "So, I saw that video you put up of me."

"Hang on till I put you on speakerphone." I said, "Now, tell me again so Niamh can hear you."

- "I saw that video you put up of me. Who were all them people writin' back to ya?"

"The comments? They were people who saw the video."

- "Oh right. Well. I suppose, I suppose then, well I'll have to do another one, won't I?"

"What? What do you mean?"

- "I'll do another video. Since they liked the first one so much, like."


- "Yeah. Sure I might as well. They liked the first one. When are you down again?"

No fireworks, no drama, no indignant protests or threats of retribution. No claims of "I'll get you and your little dog too." More a case of "They like me, they really like me."

What have you lot created?


  1. Rofl. She's have her own Youtube channel before the month is out.

  2. Anthony: Perish the thought. The tales that girl could tell!

    Victoria: I'm sure she'd be open to requests ;-)

  3. LMAO! that is so freakin hilarious!

  4. anything she says, she needs to sing it in the same tune every time!

  5. LOL! You got off sooooooo lightly :)

  6. Will you be her manager?

  7. I like her even more now! What a wonderful outcome!

  8. So you have a video star.
    Does she do duets? She could be the next "where the hell is matt?"
    Think she could drag in the C listers from the SIndo?

  9. never know how they'll respond. :)

  10. Darragh, consider yourself lucky! I got such a chuckle out of her response,fair play to her

  11. Ach.You're doomed Darragh..doomed.

    She's laying the trap for you with all this sweetness and light.

    Flee while you still can.