Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Work for a year for your favourite charity and still get paid

Want to work for your favourite charity for a year. And still get paid?

Do you want to make a real difference?
I'm thinking of preparing an application to the Vodafone World of Difference project.

Four Irish people will get the chance to work for the charity of their choice with all expenses paid and a salary of €40,000. I'm very aware of what friends of mine working in charities are earning and that is a generous amount.

From the World of Difference website:
"Show us just how passionate you are and prove to us you have the relevant skills, knowledge and qualities necessary to make a real difference to your chosen charity.

Whether it is taking time out to support your favourite charity, be it with people, animals or the environment; or approaching a charity with an idea that you believe could revolutionise their cause, Vodafone Ireland Foundation wants to make it possible for you to focus your energies full-time on your selected cause."
Last year's winners went on to work with GROW Ireland, the mental health organisation; with the Mayobank Intercultural Association supporting immigrants to develop skills, enabling access to employment; with Biobank Ireland, "a revolutionary initiative which offers a bridge between cancer research and treatment" and with Doras Luimni, a charity focused on creating a development skills programme for immigrants in Limerick.

Applications are open until Friday 20 February at 5:30pm. The judges this year are Roisin Ingle, Ray D'Arcy, Claire Byrne and Gavin Duffy. There's only five sections to be filled out - that's got to be worth a shot, hasn't it?


  1. That's a brilliant opportunity. You should definitely go for it Darragh.
    I'd love to do this sometime. Ideally with guide dogs but couldn't imagine myself living in Cork for a year, not right now anyway. Maybe next year if i've no job i'll be brave and apply.

  2. 40K is more than I've ever made...thanks Darragh! It'll be worth the shot at least, the only difficulty being in choosing which charity.

  3. How very interesting...!

  4. Jennifer: I'm considering it definitely - need to work out where I'd be best suited is all. Is Cork the only place Guide Dogs are trained?

    Susan: Most welcome - best of luck. If you like children, can I be bold and suggest Barretstown as an option?

    Whoopsadaisy: I thought so too :)

  5. Yep Cork is the only guide dog training centre in the republic. They used to have a centre in Northern Ireland which was part of the UK guide dogs system, but it closed down and people who train in the north train from a hotel.
    Just from reading your blog i'd say you could fit into any charity no problem. Good luck with the application.