Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vote for John and Peter in the Shorty Awards

They're the Academy Awards of Twitter, if you take the academy to be all your followers who'll vote for you and the award to be for best producers of short content in 2008. It's great to see John Williams of @mcawilliams fame and Peter Donegan of @doneganland notoriety reach the finals of the first Shorty Awards. Go on the Irish!

If you are on Twitter and haven't voted, just head on over to the Shorty Awards website here, click Vote under doneganland in the Green category and under mcawilliams in the Personal category and complete the form. It's very easy and they'd appreciate your votes.

Good luck to yis both :)


  1. A Chara Darragh

    considering i'm last at the moment... is it the taking part that counts? ;)

    slán go foill

  2. Ma Petite Fleur Darragh

    Thank you so much for your kind words, lets see if we can get Ireland on the twitter stage.

    Oh and thank you for the vote!

    Ciao Bella

  3. [oooh suits you sir and the fancy lingo :)

  4. Peter: Make some noise! Get people talking about you. John is a master at it :)

    John: Most welcome, mi amigo!