Tuesday, January 13, 2009

As if I needed an excuse to go back to London

I'd completely forgotten about this until a friend emailed me about it.

The new Fagin in the new production of Lionel Bart's Oliver!?

Rowan Atkinson.

photo showing UK tube advertisement for Oliver! starring Rowan Atkinson as Fagan

Cameron Mackintosh is behind this new staging, the first in the West End since 1994. It's at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane and has a cast of over 100. Jodie Prenger, winner of the TV series I'd Do Anything is playing Nancy and Burn Gorman, who played Owen Harper in Torchwood is Bill Sikes.

Fagin is one of my favourite musical characters - I think the best characters in theatre tend to be Jews - and I'm brilliantly fond of Ron Moody's portrayal of him in the film version. When he bounces out during I'd do anything always brings a smile to my face.

Still though, I'm looking forward to seeing what Rowan Atkinson could do with the role. I think he's a fantastically understated character actor, particularly given his film role choices and this could bring a whole new dimension to the character and the audience. he's due to star as Fagin until July 18.

I'd be tempted to go over just to see him perform this, my favourite Fagin song:

The official website, with times and prices, is here.


  1. This really made my day!

    Havent heard this song in a million year ;)

    Blessings and congrats on a beautiful blog,


  2. There's a friend of mine in Les Miserables over there and he's been to see it.

    He's been three times.

    It sounds mega.

  3. I have to say in any version I've ever seen, Fagin always gives me the creeps!

  4. Seemingly they've taken 15million in advance ticket sales already!!

    So get in there quick...

    Will add to my "to do" list also, looks to be a cracker.

  5. I'm a big fan of Rowan Atkinson's live stuff.

    The thing about him though, is that he's outstanding at the things he's good at, but not really capable of doing much else(not that keen on most his film roles).
    I reckon that could be amazing though.

  6. I'm slightly hyperventilating.

  7. Jessie Wallace was robbed! Bloody Jodie Prenger. Would love to see RA as Fagin though.