Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One week to go

Photo take from this morning's Metro.

Outgoing US President George W Bush smiles at his final press conference in the White House yesterday, admitting he was disappointed that Saddam Hussein didn't have weapons of mass destruction.

It's somewhat surprising and relieving to think that in less than a week President Bush won't be in charge of nuclear weapons, foreign policy, aid donations or military attacks. He said he'll get "off the stage" to let his successor get on with things. I know a lot of hope is riding on Obama's shoulders, but things will have to change.

In related news, the Obama team is said to have been inundated with applications to join the administration. More than 350,000 people applied for a position in the team, four times the amount that applied to work for the Bush administration.

I wonder if they're accepting applications from Ireland?


  1. I dunno...I'm looking forward to seeing how Obama does but I think people have put way too much faith in how much change he can make. I hope I am wrong though :)

  2. Bush's command [yeah, right] of the English language will not be missed. During that press conference he got momentarily angry with the press and lectured that they "misunderestimated him".


    I say we appoint you Ambassador of Proper Speech and Merriment.