Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Unconvention Belfast, an unconference for musicians and industry professionals

Unconvention is an unconference aimed at the grass roots of the music industry - bringing together musicians and industry professionals for conversation, inspiration and collaboration.
I'm hoping to attend this conference taking place in Belfast on February 6 and 7. Aimed at musicians and all those who support them - photographers, PR, technicians, agents, recording artists, coaches and more, the two day event promises to allow people to come together in an informal but collaborative environment where constructive discussion and networking can take place.

Andy McMillan, Nick Fitzsimons and the lovely Tracy Dempsey, all who I met at last year's Barcamp Belfast are organising the event along with Rich Dale and Jennie McCullogh. They've got a lot of music knowledge and experience between them so I can imagine the event will run both smoothly and with good awareness of the needs of musicians as well as those who work with them.

They're inviting speakers to give a talk, attendees to participate and have some really interesting ideas for discussion including Making ‘Local’ Music Credible; Music & The Semantic Web and my personal favourite What have you done for me lately?: Creating “Stickiness” with fans. There'll also be a showcase for musicians on the Friday evening.

The event is taking place at the Black Box, Belfast and starts at 10am on Friday 6 February. All the details are up on the website.


  1. Thanks so much for the plug, Darragh! Maybe cya there (or at the BarCamp in April!)

  2. aye, cheers mate! looking forward to seeing you there.