Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some details about the 2009 Meteor Awards

Have you voted yet? Have you?

I'm nomming (in order of category)

and I can't judge best live performance because I wasn't at any of them and sure best pop will go to The Script. The Coronas, pop, really?

In further news, I've just received (and edited for you) a letter from the PR company to tell me:
The 2009 Meteor Ireland Music Awards will take place at the Simmonscourt Pavillion in the RDS on St. Patrick’s Day 2009. The awards will be broadcast on Wednesday March 18th on RTE2.

The star-studded music spectacular,will be hosted by Amanda Byram.

The glamour event of the year will see the cream of the crop turn out in force. The breathtaking line up for the night will see James Morrison, Duke Special, Elbow, Boyzone, The Blizzards, Stereophonics, Imelda May, and Enrique Iglesias take to the limelight and entertain like never before.

This year will also see a long awaited special collaboration from Sharon Shannon and Mundy. Sharon Shannon will also be presented with The Life Time Achievement Award for her contribution to Irish music.

Fr. Shay Cullen from the Preda foundation will be presented with the 2009 Humanitarian Award for his phenomenal work in the Philippines. The award will be accompanied by a €100,000 donation to aid the continuation of his life changing work.
I see also that Niall Stokes from Hot Press is due to get the Industry award.

Should be a good night. I was there last year. Mr Tayto was the biggest celebrity I met... until I met Rick O Shea of course. Jesus, a year already...

G'wan and vote, why don't ya?


  1. I've never been to the meteors yet. Must go sometime.
    I'd love Rick to win for definite. Really like Duke but it would be nice to see Mick Flannery win. Anyone except westlife for best pop and i'd say Lisa H will get female for sure.
    I haven't heard the Messiah J album yet but they really are growing on me.
    Suppose we'll find out all the craic next tuesday.

  2. Camille? Really? Been following her for about 6/7 years & loved her until the last Olympia gig which was on the same week of the same month a year on from when I had last seen her. Same(ish) setlist, same 'special guest', same song with said guest, same jokes. First time disappointed, hope she shakes things up a bit for next time.

  3. Yes, he will use the donated money, but not as expected. He filed a deportation complaint against me last year and admitted that he would also be filing libel due to my web site, http://preda-facts.info, despite the fact that the effort may be fruitless and will be quite expensive.

    Yes, the above was in part of his complaint for my deportation from the Philippines, which is based on three items (I comment on each item separately in parenthesis):

    1. I don't pay U.S. taxes (not jurisdiction of the Philippines, and I do pay taxes and have tax returns to prove it)

    2. I defraud the U.S. TRICARE health system (not true, but even so, that is not the concern of the Philippines and further, he provided not one iota of proof that I submitted any paperwork whatsoever to TRICARE)

    3. I entend to flee the Philippines (from what? I have done nothing wrong and he knows it, but he is, along with 17 staff members [eight of whom are at large from a warrant for their arrest], are facing libel charges in Branch 74, Regional Trial Court after the Court of Appeals denied their appeal to have the case pulled from court!)

    One would think that his money should be accounted for, but it is being used to 'hound' me due to the fact that I am actively pursuing him for the rape of my daughter at the age of seven (7) years of age, such as these baseless charges against me from which I am NOT in hiding nor running from, but am openly challenging him publicly for conning honest people out of their hard-earned money for his covering up of dastardly crimes against children. My daughter was only one, but think of this: Where is April Alcantara, the 14 year-old child that was last seen in Cullen's custody in 1994? He says she may be a prostitute in Angeles City. If so, why is it neither he nor any of her family can locate her? Is the child dead or alive? There is no body to prove one way or another, but I do have my suspicions that he may have been involved in murder. After all, I have a bullet hole in my gate at my house, and he needs to get rid of me.

    Why don't your readers contact Rev. Kyoji Goto at the Love and Human Rights Forum, 1-43-1 Kumegawa, Higashimurayama, Tokyo, Japan 189-0003, PHONE/FAX 042-391-7876? He used to work closely with Shay Cullen and Preda Foundation for translating their stories into Japanese, and he knows personally Shay Cullen's involvement with my daughter. Let him tell you the truth.

  4. I love that picture!

    (almost as much as I love the above comment).

  5. That is one big spud...